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The times they are a changin’ and these days even Barbie is hip with her own tattoos…of course that is if you consider pink butterflies hip…yes that ageless chick with the eternallyhour glass figure now comes complete with tattoos. The new “Totally Stylin Tattoos Barbie” now comes with tattoo stickers to be placed where ever on her body. The package also comes with a tattoo gun so kids can stamp tattoos on themselves as well, which of course wash off in the bath.



The really amusing part is how freaked out some American parents are getting over this toy, claiming it is inappropriate and refusing to buy the doll. Okay, I am a feminist and I can list a lot of really good reasons not to buy Barbie! Like that eternally hour glass figure which in reality is unattainable without serious plastic surgery, or the concept that being pretty and havving lots of clothes and accessories (not to mention a pony and a pink corvette) are the most important things in life.

I don’t feel that the butterfly tattoos are something to get up in arms about if you accept all that other stuff. I mean I don’t remember hearing an uproar over suntan Barbie…like nobody cared she was displayed in a bikini and an advertisement for skin cancer!

As far as the tattoos go…weren’t they like in bubble gum, and cracker jacks? I had ’em, my kids had ’em, the kids in the preschool where I worked had ’em. I never got any tattoos…not that it would be wrong if I did. My kids don’t have any tattoos either. Do you think kids will be encouraged to get tattoos by Barbie??


Comments on: "Freaky Friday and Barbies new Tattoo" (12)

  1. What is important with Kids Toys?

    What their parents think?

    How the Kids do have fantasies with the toy they have in their hand right there and then?

    For me, human kids do have to learn to “play” and develope their fantasies and imaginations and inventions without the interruption and corrections by adults.
    Parents are needed to give safety and guidelines.
    Coaches so to speak.
    If the Parents really loves their kids.

    And Barbie, (and Ken) was somthing important at that time when she was introduced.

    That has nothing to do with feminist movements or womens right.

    You know, my daughter did have 3 brothers. She refused to play with her brothers toys. Nobody had ever tried to tell her: You are a girl etc.

    That was simply not her “Toys”.
    She brought one day, from Kindergarden, an old Barbie, and said to Papa: I want.

    Have a great weekend.

    Hope to see you soon

    DianeCA: Hahaha Pappa I want. I love it!! That is perfectly Ingelin!! I confess I confess, I had Barbie and the pony and the pink Corvette…and Barbies town house. Ken too!

  2. I think these tattoos have always existed, no? I remember, in France, we used to get them in Malabars (chewing gums). Not that my parents liked it though! 😆

    There are many reasons why I don´t like Barbies, but this one is a bit lame. I agree with you!

    DianeCA: Lame is a very good word for it. I am losing my American slang…..

  3. It’s funny. As a child I had several beat up old Barbie Dolls. We couldn’t afford fancy clothes or furniture fore these dolls, but I used old Kleenex boxes, and scraps of material and my imagination did the rest.
    I think I would like to see more toys that encouraged the mind. Imagination is so important!

    DianeCA: I remember that when I was little my mom used to sew and she often made matching outfits for herself and me, matching dresses , matching shorts and so on. With scraps of fabric left over she would whip up something for Barbie, mostly sleeveless evening dresses (hehehe just a sheath with elastic at the top) or skirts with an elastic waist…and I loved those clothes the most!

  4. I think it’s silly to say that tattoo Barbie would make children want a tattoo. People need to calm down and get a reality check. It up to the parents to instill values in their kids by talking to them and just spending time with them.

    I hope you and Renny have a lovely weekend.

    DianeCA: And my big question is…what is wrong with girls and tatoos? I have seen some tattoos that I thought were quite pretty. I never got one myself, it wasn’t me and there was always that little thought that someday I would be like 80 years old (if I am lucky) and the idea of sitting in the old folks home with a rose on my b@@b or a dragon on my big old rear end was enough to make me think before INK hehehe! One of the funniest cases is a girl I work with who decided she would NEVER get married and she had a ring tattooed on her finger…guess what LOL! She changed her mind as an adult.

  5. I’ve not heard of anyone in an uproar about this. I wouldn’t think it a big deal at all. There are so many other things to worry about.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

    DianeCA: yes, that was pretty much my point. I think that if you are going to complain about Barbie there are BIGGER things (smil) to start with then her tattoo. And what about that Princess Barbie…sometimes I think the unachievable fantasy that we girls will grow up to be pretty pretty princesses is a worse message then that we have the right to get a tattoo if that is something we want.

  6. This is really ridiculous ! I don’t like tatoos at all even when I was a teenager ! If somebody wants a tatoo it’s certainly not because of a Barbie doll !
    What young people forget is that they are getting older and the once who are now in their 60th oe 70th and still have “I love mom” on their arm or chest look rather ridiculous. And they sooooo much regret !

    DianeCA: hahaha read my responce to Fleur deLisa and you will see that I had absolutely the same logic!!

  7. LOL there are enough conspiracy theories in life without Barbie’s tattoos adding to it……..

    I used to love my Barbie doll, not so much because of her small waistline but rather because she could bend her legs – unlike my other dolls.

    I admit as an adult I am against what Barbie stands for…but as a child it was my favourite toy. And in my ‘hope chest’ back home I still have my Barbies safely tucked away…yes they were among the toys I couldn’t part with.

  8. i understand the issues with barbie but i am more upset by the newer bratz dolls. they basically look like little plastic hookers.

    the tattooo thing? well it just shows how far things have gone. when i was a kid and mentioned wanting a tattoo my grandfather had a fit because tattoos “were only for drunken sailors and inmates.”

    DianeCA: The bratz dolls, they do look like little hookers!! Not a good image for our children.

  9. Leave me out of this discussion – okay? 😆 I’m more happy you are a true feminist and less worried about dolls.

    DianeCA: No way, sorry but you are in it!

  10. Mclaurin said:

    When my daughter was young 10 years..our metropolitian childerns’ museum listed barbies as one of the best toys for kids in that they are open ended and imaginative.

    We balked and then rethought as she loved them. A friend explained to her daughter that she..barbie comes from “Barbie Planet”. We said the same and that seemed to make sense to my daughter.

    She has grown to be far from a superfical trophey wife material type.

    So did I, and I’m far from banning Barbie, but I think she represents the wrong image to women today.

  11. I don’t like this Barbie, but then I don’t like the whole Barbie phenomenon. So I can’t get especially worked up about it.

    DianeCA: There are of course bigger issues to worry about in the world then Barbie, but it was a fun discussion anyway.

  12. I used to love the peel and stick “tattoos” when young but I have never been tempted to get a real one. It never crossed my mind that Barbie was thin – just used to bug me that her clothes were so hard to put on because of her shape!

    We could not afford the clothes for her but this led me to making my own for her – used to make really complicated historic costumes too – crinoline dresses etc. I had forgotten all about that until I read this article 🙂

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