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Okay they aren’t actually ON ice they are eating ice treats! I don’t know if this qualifies so much as weird or freaky news, its more cute news. I happen to be a big fan of elephants and these are just adorable!


king size icepops

Aparently its not just just people who like an iceicle to celebrate a holiday on a warm sunny day, here are some elephant size ices to celebrate Thiland’s National Elephants day!

Baby elephants eating their iceies

Baby elephants eating their iceies

To celebrat the holiday the elephants recieve a fruity treat, elephant size ices with fruit frozen inside. The elephants seem to love them and they are great for cooling off.

Eureka I found fruit!

Eureka I found fruit!

Aren’t these babies adorable! All kids love their ice pops!

Comments on: "Freaky Friday, elephants on ice!" (14)

  1. I want an ice pop too – now! I’m a kid too you know – at least I’m childish πŸ˜†

  2. Ahh that is so cute!

  3. Those are so cute! I didn’t know elephants received so nice sweeties! hum! I’m jealous! I would want an ice pop too!

  4. That is so neat. You know I love it when they give animals little treats and make their days full of fun!

  5. That’s really cute !

  6. First time I see this and what a brilliant idea to treat them πŸ™‚

    Now it is so hot here I think I need to have one too πŸ˜€

  7. Oh yes! A lovely treat for the elephants. I witnessed such an event a few years ago one hot summer in Bangkok.

    I was wishing for a bite of that yummy ice treat. It was a terribly hot day! πŸ˜€

  8. Aww, they are soo adorable!

  9. hahahaha, that is cute. and those are some huge ice pops if they contain whole pineapples!

  10. I recently saw elephants close in a zoo, and I just loved their faces: looked like they were smiling at us!

    Playful animals.

  11. Dear Di,
    wow, these are really charming.

    You know, I think, really some times I do:
    The difference in body size between an Elephant and a Human, and between a Cat and a Human.

    How trustful we can be.

    The Largest here is an Elephant.
    The mid between is nothing but the ultimate killer of both Animals and vegetation,

    and the Smallest: The are predators but also to most adoptable and smartest regarding humans and other livings.

    hehe. U know – we have learned to know Cats – ours are very special – but we communicate very well with them.

    bta. Hope to see U soon for a certain and detailed planning
    T and A

  12. These are lovely captures.
    I wanna have Fruit in Ice too – buuuuu, buuuu,
    do you hear me?

  13. Such great thing to see. I’m with you, I love elephants!!!!

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