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This is not exactly a normal time in a not quite so normal family. I just had the unique experience of being called on the webcam by my own husband. Not that THAT is so unique, but he was calling from the living room with a simple message. “Shall we go to bed soon?”

I don’t know quite how to react except with humour! Only in this house is that a some what normal experience. I mean should I take it that I am working too much (writing in the kitchen)…or just that my darling hubby is a technology freak? Or should I think, Hey! We don’t need an intercom. Or Gee I am lucky to have a house with several floors….or just simply be impressed by my own mastery of modern technology?? Hmmmmm whichever possibility I choose..I have to admit. The man is damn cute!!!


Comments on: "Videoconfrencing with your SO" (11)

  1. How funny – when calling out would have worked as well. But at least it was a good question!

    DianeCA: Hey, anything he can do with a gadget appears to be more fun.

  2. How funny. We do the same thing but via email. I got a darn cute hubby too.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

    DianeCA: Yep, we are two lucky gals!

  3. I think that is just darling! Lucky you!!!!

    DianeCA: I thought it was pretty cute too, but I am glad we still actually get into bed and cuddle without using the computer 🙂

  4. You’ve got to admit, Renny has a sense of humor! 😆

  5. my kids have been known to use their cell phones to call me in a different part of the house.

  6. Great to ‘communicate’ via computer/msn chat etc sometimes as it makes us feel good 😀

  7. What!? And you find it amusing? 😀

    My hubby will get his head bitten off. nothing beats a hug from behind and a whisper of “Shall we go to bed?” hehe….

  8. I’m glad all my efforts to show how much I love you works darling 😉

    @ECL: I do it that way too 😆

  9. Oh, yes, how I recognize this…. *giggles*

    We have a really gray day over here today, but I’m not so depressed about it since we just ordered a trip again… First week in May we’re going to the secret destination we promised Jane. To the warmth since that was her wish. Hoooooray!!!

    But she doesn’t know anything else than the date…. More fun that way!

  10. Cute?
    You both are.
    And we know it for sure;)))

  11. This sounds just like Renny, Mr. Technology!

    I think it is very cute!

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