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We have a super party here at the Amundsen residents as we watch in excitement as Alexander Rybak wins the Eurpean Song contest!! If you aren’t in Europe this is a really big party here and a wonderful way to begin our national day the 17th of May, Constitution Day!!! Amazing results! Congratulations Alexander!!

Alexander wins for Norway

Alexander wins for Norway

See Alexander and his Norwegian fiddle spreading his magic on you tube here!

In the background where you see the dancing guys. These guys are doing a modernised version of Norwegian folk dance, and his fiddle playing is an example of Hardanger fiddel, a Norwegian type. And of course we are having a grand celebration! Join us and of course Renny too!


Comments on: "Norway wins the European Song contest" (4)

  1. Interesting. It’s hard to imagine that winning in the US because the style is so unlike anything popular. But I like it.

    DianeCA: Yes the style is quite unusual here too, the music styles are pretty much the same as in the USA. Maybe that is part of the charm. The young man does have talent he made a cool use of a fiddle which he has played since he was 4 years old.

  2. migrationdiary said:

    Isn’t he just yummie! Thanks for the video – I have put it in my favourites on FB. xx

    DianeCA: Just yummie indeed!! Who were you rooting for Norway or UK??? 🙂

  3. Well, I was rooting for Greece, but I’m happy enough that Norway won. I loved the dancing and the song is growing on me – I was listening to it on my iPod this morning and almost started clapping to the rhythm 🙂

  4. Congrats – this was very fun.
    And we celebrated as we use to – haha

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