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It’s another long weekend here in Norway. Thursday is Holy Ascension day, Friday is not actually a holiday – but okay most people take the day off if they can. I will actually be working Friday night, but Renny has taken the day off. Most of the day today was sunny and warm and really is beginning for feel like the summer season. The longest day is one month away now, so you don’t get much closer to the lightest part of the year then the few weeks which are coming now.

Rhodedendrums in full glory

Rhodedendrums in full glory

This also means that it is the time of year when the whole Northen hemisphere is begining to bloom. And the long days accelerate the process here in Norway. Since my son is off visiting friends I was lucky enough to have a date with my hubby this afternoon and we really made the best of it. It was actually RennyBA’s idea to go to the botanical gardens. We visit them several times each year of course, and there is always something blooming there – even in the winter but you have to go into the green houses.

Rare and amazing lily

Rare and amazing lily

I remember so well when I lived in NY that I dreamed of going to the botanical gardens. I requested it when I found out there was one here. There is certainly some in NY too, don’t get me wrong but they were no where near the area I lived. I did not live in the city of NY but smack dab in the middle of the state of course. I have always loved flowers and find it fascinating to look at all the different kinds.

Chinese Dove Tree

Chinese Dove Tree

It seems that Renny was right on the money as this was the perfect time to visit. There is a special tree there, the dove tree, or handkerchief tree which only blooms once a year for only about 10 days and now it was in full bloom. When the trees bloom in late spring it is robed in fluttering white flowers and it becomes apparent why it has such unusual common names.Next weekend this exotic Chinese tree would have looked like most others.

Dove Tree flowers

Dove Tree flowers

Then of course there is another thing which disappears quickly, and that is the adorable ducklings which were eagerly chasing Mamma duck around the little pond. Here you see Mamma looking for a little dinner! There is more to come so stay tuned, and stop in to see RennyBA’s post too!



Comments on: "Dream date in Oslo Botanical Garden" (10)

  1. […] however saved the best to last; I was talking about quality time with my wife Diane (click to see her post from this garden visit!), didn’t I? So here is what she had prepared for us as a surprise: […]

  2. The ducklings make me think of my puppies. So small and just learning how to be. Beautiful. Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you!

  3. I just love botanical gardens, and those rhodos are gorgeous.

  4. what a lovely place to visit. i really love your first shot of the dove tree with the sunlight filtering down.

  5. Lucky me to be your date 😉

  6. Oh wow! The first picture is just amazing. These flowers…!

    I guess like us in Canada you truly appreciate seeing nature in bloom after months of the white stuff 😉

  7. Hiya Diane..hope all is well and sorry if I have not been visiting your blog….:)

    Love this post and love the different shades of colours ;d

  8. Such lovely blooms! But the loveliest blooms are on the faces of Renny and Diane. 😀

  9. What I do find so exceptional with this Botanical Garden:
    The variety of plants that can survive the hard winters at 60 degrees North.
    Also the seize of the Garden.

    btw. You must go there during Haloween;)))

  10. Diane,
    thanks for sharing these brilliant photos from the Botanical Garden in Oslo with the rest of the World.
    What a difference from the impression of Polar Bears in our Streets.
    I’s flowering. It’s Sunny. It’s paradise.

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