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It has been a busy weekend here at our place. First I had the weekend shift, and since Renny had something he had to do at our place in Sweden we were forced to each go our own way this weekend. In order to damepen the blow (hehehe) I invited some girlfriends over for coffee and girl talk Friday afternoon so I would be busy until I had to go to work.

I have to admit that in some ways I enjoy the weekend shift. I have a ‘partner’ on the job who is fantastic to work with and makes even crisis work fun. The team we had on staff this weekend were also great and found lots of creative ways to keep the women and children at the center in reasonably good spirits. When I came home in the day time I had aΒ  whole gang of painters running around my house, so there was no chance of catching a few extra winks before the night shift!! We are painting the outside of the house, repairing some windows and even had a glass door removed from the kitchen. Many years ago we built out the house and there is a door out to the garden on the addition, so the glass doors were never used, and leaked warmth from the house. I think Renny has a secret dream of enlarging the kitchen over the area where we just put in a new wall….

Waterfall pond

Waterfall pond

But back to the gardens! It’s nice to have that memory when today is a bit grey and rainy. I will add some sunshine with our lovely photos πŸ™‚ The landscaping of the garden is fantastic, one of the high lights is this pond with a waterfall running in to it. The plantings around the pond bloom throughout the season so this is always a popular place for the garden visiters. On top of the pond there are paths which cross the stream and waterfall at several places. Children especially enjoy the rock crossings and the possibility to skip over the running water.

White Simple Peopnies

White Simple Peopnies

Off to the left of the pond I found these adorable White Peonies. I think that the single form instead of the common double is especially charming. A lovely old fashioned feel to it, I think.

White Phlox

White Phlox

More simple beauty can be found in these white phlox. These types of small flowers grow well in scandinavia and are ideal for rock gardens or slops as we have in our yard. Since Norwegian gardens are seldom flat, versitile plants are a favorite!

Feeling blue?

Feeling blue?

Longing for color now? Why not blue? I love blue tones in flowers because there just doesn’t seem to be as many wild blues as there are other colors. Here we are still in the rock garden. I admit I didn’t write the name of these flowers down so I don’t know they’re official name, but I like to think of them as blue trumpets.

Sunny yellow rhodedendrums

Sunny yellow rhodedendrums

Now to add a little sunshine to the day, I give you these sunny yellow rhodedendrums, a rather unusual color for rhodedendrums I think. These were also a part of the fragrance garden as they give off a lovely smell. Very popular with noses…and with bees!!

Hope you all had a good weekend!! I’ll be around and looking forward to hearing from you!!


Comments on: "Botanical Garden in Oslo, part 2" (13)

  1. i’ve never seen or even heard of yellow rhododendrons. interesting. as for skipping along the rocks…i’d go for it too πŸ™‚

  2. The night shift. I so remember. I was always tired. Cool on all the painting and spring repairs. I so love spring.

    The garden is lovely. I could almost smell it too.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. πŸ™‚

  3. Lovely, Diane. Truly!

  4. You have truly brighten up my day Diane … all the lovely blooms of different shades & colours πŸ˜€

    Hope you are well and fine Diane πŸ˜€

  5. These gardens are exquisite. It’s like a dream!

  6. That is so refreshing, a stroll through the gardens! Lovely flowers and photos πŸ™‚

    We want to invite YOU ALL to an international cocktail party meme that soon will start: Drinks Round the World

    It’s taking place the 1st every month where we all post text and/or photo about a drink we have been or are experiencing somewhere around the world.

    EVERYBODY is welcome, so bring all your party animals (friends) too, the more the merrier!

    Cheers πŸ˜‰

  7. i love gardens, but ohhh they require a *lot* of work to look like that. most of my flowers are in pots because they are easier to maintain.

  8. Hey! You have no drink in your hand!

    What do you prefer? So far we have Sangrias (several different ones), Mango Margarita & Brussel fruit beer and cherry beer – where is yours…? Do we have to drink it all by ourselves…? *giggles*

  9. The pictures are soo soo pretty!

  10. I always wanted a garden like that once I get my dream house hehehehe.

  11. If I did not know better, I would think this can not be true:
    At 60 degrees North? No way.
    But, it’s true, it is really that flowering and green and “tropical” in Oslo, Norway.
    What a kept secret.

    Thanks for sharing.

    btw. Anna works in the School “next door” and her pupils loves to visit the Botanical Garden. They feel at “home”. As you know, they are all with heritage much closer to equator than here in Oslo.

    Excellent photos

  12. It’s always interesting to see it through your eyes my dear and most of all to be with you on adventures like this πŸ™‚

  13. Diane.
    I simplyhad to take this for medvirtual tour in Oslo Botanical Garden once more.
    It’s so peaceful and charming strolling around in this park

    btw. In Friday I posted from Oslo and on Saturday from SjΓΆtorp – rember last year;-))

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