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Flowers and Weeds

For the time being I have more free time than usual. That puts a bit of pressure on me, oddly enough, because I feel like I should do all those things that I wished I had time to do when I was so busy! When in reality countless minutes (hours) are spent on things like Facebook & YoVille, IMVU, Flick’r, WordPress, Google Reader, and anything else I can do sitting on the sofa or the kitchen chair!!! Well it is relaxing anyway….I have become really hooked on YoVille for the time being. My interior decorator is running amuck! You see I don’t seem to have millions of dollars to spiffy up my real house? I have no idea why? So at least I can run around and change the furniture and wall paterne every day in my virtual playrooms. I guess I really needed that Barbie dream house that my parents wouldn’t buy me?

I have also used some of my time today weeding in my garden, which leads me to today’s pondering. Why is it that weeds grow so much faster than the expensive plants I put out there? Our garden got a major overhaul this year. One of my sons friends finished his education as a certified gardner…no I didn’t realize they were certified either…but he went to school and has an education in garden planning, soil, different kinds of plants, what to plant there, how to take care of them, and design of course…all the stuff that I really don’t know so much about. So when we intially consulted this family friend on removing some overgrown bushes we wound up going all out and replanning the hill behind the house, and three flower beds, digging up the tiles in the back yard – laying down new stand and replacing them again. Looks like “real people” live here now, its really cool. Renny even waters, on his free time, because he wants to!!!

Garden blooming

Garden blooming

What I am wondering is why the weeds grow so fast. I was just outside and did a quick weeding round, I pulled out over 100 tiny little weeds. From just one little bed! And they were all seedlings because we have completely new soil in the beds. I am truly amazed, and I feel just a little bit plant-racist too…I mean how do we distinguish flowers from weeds? Well plant-racist or not, the little suckers are not invited into the flower beds. We had more weeds than plants before and it did not go well. Renny will not likely go out and water the weeds, so I guess we have to be brutal. The flowers are doing well though and growing quickly. Our friend really seems to know his stuff!!


Comments on: "Flowers and Weeds" (6)

  1. shionge said:

    Hiya Diane, nice flowers there and great to know you are having some time to yourself 😀

  2. how nice to have such expert help and see such pretty results. i dunno about those weeds either, we are rife with them too.

  3. Weeds are suited to wherever they happen to be, and are hardy things. I seem to spend absurd amounts of time weeding.

  4. What beautiful flowers! I know what you mean about free time and what we “should” be doing. Just enjoy! Your flowers are gorgeous!

  5. The main thing is that you do something you want to do 🙂

    Ah, yes, I ask this question too: what is weed, really? Some of them are my favorites too, so beautiful!

  6. I feel the same after a busy time. Feels like I have a lot of free and suddenly it’s like, oh it’s so late, what did I do today? 😆

    I guess it’s important to relax!

    Beautiful garden by the way.

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