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I am very lucky to be married to RennyBA and share adventures with him, especially travelling to exotic places. However when you travel so much with a fellow blogger it isn’t always easy to figure out how to post and use your originality at the same time. We are visiting the same places, seeing the same things, talking with the same people. I want to be an original, I don’t want to be an accessory to Terella which is older and has a larger following. I hope you don’t think I’m complaining, because I’m not, we have a lot of fun together. It just presents its challenges to find original posts.

Details from inside the Synegoge.

Details from inside the Synegoge.

When we were in Budapest RennyBA was really enjoying his cameras! He risked life and limb for all the best photos, standing in the middle of busy streets, asking me to keep an eye out while he stood on the cable car tracks to get just the right angle on the castle across the river….and me normally looking for danger, holding my breath and occasionally pleading with him to hurry up! Being married to a blogger and avid photographer can be a hair raising experience now and then hehehe. My husband has been known to take pictures while driving, stand on perilous ledges, climb over the edge of a bridge down to a waterfall and even get into a pen with a ram.

Crystal Chandeliers inside a hotel

Crystal Chandeliers inside a hotel

I am a tamer blogger. On our trip to Budapest I decided that my angle would be details. I am a more detail orientated person, always pointing out the small things, seeing the way the light falls, the carved ceiling, and the crystal chandelier. Although an avid feminist I have to admit that this falls into a typical gendered division, my husband is always looking for the bold, the adventure and the glory, while I am always looking for the special, the beautiful, and the details in situation.

Charming flower shop

Charming flower shop

So here are some of the details. The beautiful things which are less famous, but which catch my eye….when I’m not keeping it on RennyBA and his antics!

Comments on: "Sharing the details of Budapest" (6)

  1. Yea, we make a smashing good team baby – thanks for coping with me and making all our adventure even more adventurous 😉

  2. i love the shot of the flower shop. and yo uhave filled in a rather interesting background about how renny gets some of his shots. i may not ever look at his photos quite the same again. quite the detail to share with us, diane 😉

  3. Both my hubby and I are the exact opposites of you two. I’m the crazy blogger who would risk an arm or a leg for pictures. 😀

  4. Well, I must compliment you: you succeed very well my dear friend! I loved all your photos and the whole post here. Outstanding!

  5. Since Budapest opened up in the early 90’s it changed to a wonderful, colorful, vivid city. I LOVE it!

    Nice shots!

  6. The flower shop is beautiful! Renny didn’t post that 😉

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