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Girls Trip!

Sorry I haven’t been in so much. I had a week off and sooooooooo much that I was going to do with it. Time sure flies when you are having fun!! I got a  call on Monday and my surpervisor for my new position is going on vacation and would like me to work for her 3 days a week the next two weeks to make sure the children’s program at the center keeps to it’s summer plan. On the one hand this is exciting news for me because I wasn’t supposed to start my new position until August and here I will get a chance to get my feet wet a bit earlier. On the down side though it means I have less time off this summer as my current position was just 50%. (My new position will be full time from the middle of August.) The final result is that I did agree to work the extra days primarily because I am looking forward to my new job. This is just a fabulous experience for me, I have never looked forward to a new job in the same way as I do right now.

Torsö beach

Torsö beach

Not wanting to waste the summer that I have, my yearly ‘girl’s trip’ took place last weekend! Each summer I welcome two former colleagues and very good friends to our vacation paradise in Sweden. We call this our summer home and clearly you can see why. We do actually use the place all year round, but summer time is truly the best time of the year in this area. Above you see one of my favorite beaches, far out on the island of Torsö. Off the beaten path and only accessible by country dirt roads, this beach is well worth the adventurous driving as it is a natural sand beach with crystal clear water and few visitors. The water is of course the shores of the Great Lake Väneren (that big blue dot in the middle of the map of southern Sweden).

The trip also included many visits to local cafés to enjoy delicious open faced sandwiches, salads, or cakes accompanied by good Swedish coffee. This one is an adorable refurbished cottage, with a beautiful garden. Here we enjoy the shade since the temperatures were quite warm this year!

Esters Café in Lyrestad, Sweden

Ester's Café in Lyrestad, Sweden

Another important part of our trips is combing the many local flee markets in search of antique treasures and charming decorations. It is incredible what we have dragged with us home from time to time. This year my friends bought 2 complete china sets plus 2 partial sets, diverse decorations and a pink crystal chandelier!!!

Fleamarket, otherwise known as loppis in Mariestad

Fleamarket, otherwise known as 'loppis' in Mariestad

Yes, folks, the green bowl in her hand is a very popular old pattern in Sweden known as Anna, and it helped complete a set which we hauled home with us 🙂

Here’s hoping your summer is as fabulous as ours! Now get out of the air conditioning and live it up people!!!

Comments on: "Girls Trip!" (5)

  1. migrationdiary said:

    That’s so exciting Diane – beautiful pictures!

  2. I bet you all had a great time. I have been on very few girls weekends, but hope to go with my sister in September.

  3. Glad you’re having so much fun!

    Summer has been good so far here, too.

  4. I understand you dilemma! Of course, it’s nice to have a job offer, but when you planned time out in your head, it’s hard to give it up… and God knows we all need some holidays!

    Glad to see things worked out in the end.

  5. Enjoy your summer before your work starts! let your hair down. 🙂

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