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Beach season!

The warm weather continues and we are both ecstatic and sweaty hehehe. You know we do our best not to complain about the heat even when it is over 30 degrees celcious (85F) however in reality it is truly hotter than hell LOL! But we make the best of it, worshipping the sun, grilling, eating outdoors and enjoying the local beaches. We are having pasta salad for dinner for the 3rd day in a row – cold food for warm days you know hehehe!

Bus to Sandvika on my way to the beach

Bus to Sandvika on my way to the beach

When I took the bus yesterday afternoon I noticed that there was not a woman unboard without a bikini under her clothes and a beach bag in hand. All the ladies and girls were on their way to the abundance of beaches we have in the local area. Many beaches are conveniently available by bus. The bus is air conditioned while my car is not, and I don’t have to worry about parking. Environmentally friendly too!!

Sandy Kadettangen by Kalvøya

Sandy Kadettangen by Kalvøya

The Oslo fjord provides something for everyones taste, sandy beaches, rocky beaches, beaches with a view, even nude beaches if you prefer to bathe without a suit. My favorite is the Sandy beach along the way to Kalvøya. But sometimes if I want a quick dip I go to the rocky beach at Høvik because it is closer. And if I am not swimming at all but only enjoying the sounds of the beach, the sun and the water some of the rocky beaches are quite nice. If you find a good rock to lay on you don’t get so much sand in your uhmmm shorts 🙂

Enjoy the summer, rain or shine, where you are…and for more pics of scandinavian beaches and Kalvøya drop by my husband’s blogg at RennyBA’s Terella!


Comments on: "Beach season!" (10)

  1. Hi Diana,

    it seems that also in the North they have feelings of sandy beaches 🙂 Enjoy the summer there, for sure not that hot like in the Outer Banks…lol… we left it yesterday…. 🙂


    thanks for your kind comment on my blog!
    Sue’s Daily Photography

  2. It has to be in the high 90’s before I think it’s “too hot” – I LOVE summer weather.

  3. Bus is an ecology way to go to the beach! I agree with you! Thanks for sharing the Scandinavian Beach with us! South beaches are waiting for you now!!!

  4. I never had the chance to swim when I was in Fredrikstad but hopefully I can do that once I am back there this coming August before school starts.

  5. shionge said:

    What a treat and to just chill out at the beach…enjoy Diane 😀

  6. I had no idea you had such nice beaches!

    It’s funny, the bus looks so similar to the buses in Helsinki. Very different from North American buses!

  7. I live near a beach and get to swim 365 days of the year. But the weather’s too hot and I could get blacken easily…. not tan. 😀

  8. Looks niiiiice. Yep, we had the same heat wave. Before. Now we have a rain wave. LOL

  9. Glad you had a great beach day and soon we can have more of it – together – in our summer paradise 😉

  10. ah, sign me up for some of that! i’d like to explore both the rocky and sandy beaches.

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