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Hi folks! Some of my friends may be wondering where I have been…I haven’t seemed to be around as much, but aha some of you may have seen me a lot. Where? On Facebook. Yes I confess that I have been quite caught up with the ultimate time waster…facebook. And the source of my demise…I have discovered games. You see I never considered myself much of a good game player. Didn’t have the amazing hand eye coordination of my young sons and didn’t find it interesting to push a button repeatedly in order to blow people up. However Facebooks most popular games have become quite clever. You don’t need to spend hours and hours in order to level up, you don’t need any game playing skill at all really, and many of them seem directed at us girls. The temptation began with YoVille.

Example of a YoVille home

Example of a YoVille home

The only game I ever considered buying for myself is The Sims, because building these fantasy homes seems like something I could waste my time on. The secret interior designer in me who doesn’t have the money to live out her creativity in real life. In this game you earn money by working, you visit your friends homes, and you develope your own buying new furniture with the money you have earned. The positive side, I have made a lot of new facebook friends playing this, and some of them have become friends outside the games.

But thats not all….oh my sins are great….



I have also become addicted to Mafia Wars. This is fun for me because you level up fairly quick and make money to buy things. I also liked increasing my mafia, and promoting my friends to my top mafia. Another advantage, doesn’t take long to play so I can pop in often and get instant gratification!

Thats not all!!



There is also FarmVille. Here much like YoVille you work and increase your stuff. This game is also good because you plow your land, plant your seeds and then you have to actually wait for your crops to grow…just like a real farm only a bitty litt faster. I like building and developing things…which leads to my last vice…I have now set a limit!!

Restaurant City

Restaurant City

In restaurant city you run and design your own restaurant. You must have friends to hire because you need employees to use different jobs. You make money to buy ingredients, learn new recipies, increase your menu and build out your restaurant. You design the inside yourself, and your employees need you to feed them and take care of their needs otherwise they won’t work. They get tired πŸ™‚

I know this is totally childish stuff, but I have to confess it to you my friends, that its kind of fun too. Maybe I need more play in my life. Maybe us grown ups need games too. It seems to meet a creative need that I don’t have the time or money to fulfill in other ways. I know I am definately not alone in my foolishness. I have 60 members on my crew at YoVille. Many of them are fully grown up women like me finding a little escape in a busy week. I do like the fact that the games are quick so you can stay there for a while if you want but on those days I only have 15 minutes I can still promote my character in some way. Hope you all understand that I sometimes get carried away. If you are on Facebook and have not yet added me, you will find my profile here!


Comments on: "Where is DianeCA? On Facebook!" (11)

  1. Good to know where to call you when dinner is ready πŸ˜†

    If you ever get lost or miss your husband, you know where to find me:

  2. I don’t like Facebook and never liked computer games either. I prefer my good old blogging.

  3. Hei! Thanks for commenting on my site. I’ll confess I love online gaming and lately I have been lost in time wasters like myspace and facebook. I’m also an online DJ but not while I’m in Norway. The time differences for the online game I DJ in are way to different for me right now. Once I move here next summer I guess I’ll have to work that out.

    So you moved to Norway from the US and got married to a Norwegian as well. I guess now I know who to ask questions about that situation. Sometimes finding answers are not as easy as you think it would be even with a great informative invention like the internet!

  4. This is exactly why I refuse to be part of social medias – I don’t have time for this, and I know how addictive it can be! πŸ˜†

    BTW, you’ve been tagged… come on, time to log off Facebook!

    On your last comment on my blog, I left you a link explaining dual citizenship for Americans, Apparently, you do NOT have to give up your citizenship… thought you’d found it interesting.

  5. Well, for me these games seems to reflect real life situations, hence we can call them farm simulators and restaurant simulators.
    Just like airpilots need to train, it sound fair enough to train farming anmd running a business.
    It’s not childish at all, or?

    And social media is much more than gossip and blah-blah. The clue is you and how your own use.

    Have a nice Sunday.

  6. shionge said:

    My computer is way too slow due to so many files & documents that it has become a chores someitmes to play games ;(

    So long as you are having fun, go on and enjoy yourself πŸ˜€

  7. I understand you have good time playing on facebook! I decided to stop all play on it . It’s easier in summer with the call of beach! Now i just keep my blog and my friends, the cruisers with who I will have fun in a few time in the reality!!!!

  8. I’m being sucked into it too with so many friends tempting me. hehe….

    I should learn how to play and not get too caught up with the rat race. πŸ™‚

  9. hallo
    von selina πŸ˜€

  10. hay el yoville me gusta mucho pero es dificil de usar y para que se vea Bien tu casa se batalla :S sale pues me voy

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