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I am a little blue now, and I should immediately mention that it is not Swebus’ fault! Its because I have to go home for the weekend and go to work. I sent off my two sons (21 & 17) yesterday because their friend had to be home. Thought it was nice for them all to travel together and for RennyBA and I to have an evening together. Maybe thats why he was in a sentimental mood and posting about sunsets and rainbows. I made us a nice tortellini dinner and we shared a bottle of Cabernet sauvignon but Friday still came along anyway.

My chariot comes to take me home

My chariot comes to take me home

Why is it that no matter how long your vacation is, and how short your work week will be you still get the blues? I think most would agree that I get a heck of a lot of days off for a person who is actively employed and we travel quite a bit. I will be coming back to Sweden on Monday after my weekend shift and then my sweety is whisking me off to France to visit some blogger friends that we have had contact with for several years.

But I still have to work a weekend shift now, 36 hours of work in 3 days, and I have to hop aboard my white chariot and be whisked off to the capital of Norway..to work. I am taking the bus because I don’t like the long drive, and RennyBA will be waiting for me here at our summer home. Monday morning when I finish my shift I will hop aboard the bus once more and be back here by 2 in the afternoon. The bus is a great way to travel here. Its clean and comfortable, efficient and an express bus so it does not make too many stops. I normally curl up and go to sleep for half of the trip and read a good book the other half. I used to get motion sickness if I read on the bus but while I was studying I put myself in training. I read 5 minutes of the trip, and then 10, and so on until it ceased to be a problem.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend. I am now taking my last night – weekend shift before moving fully into my new position. Will pop in when i am awake πŸ˜‰

Comments on: "The lonely road home via Swebus express" (9)

  1. Oh well, get back for the weekend, and then off to vacation once again!

  2. Swebus is great as it’ll bring you back to me on Monday!

    In the mean time, I’ll see you at Facebook and Skype – I’ll take a shower before I turn on my web cam πŸ™‚

  3. Just focus on Monday morning and you’ll be fine. Monday morning and you will get to go back to Renny. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. I know that you will. Big hug to you and Renny. πŸ™‚

  4. I wish I could read on a bus or in the car – I too suffer from motion sickness, I even find it difficult to read a map πŸ™‚

    Have a good weekend and enjoy your trip to France – the weather in the South is scorching hot at the moment!

  5. i’m a fan of reliable, clean, cheap public transportation.

  6. Oh, I know the feeling! I hate ends, period. When I was a kid, I used to freak out mid-summer because I knew one day, holidays would be over.

  7. Understand it’s hard to leave your dear hubby and wonderful recreation home in beautiful Mariestad.
    But, sometimes, a comfy bus is much better than an ordinary car. Right?

    btw. Read my last blog;-)

  8. It’s really true – vacations never last long enough!

  9. I know how you feel Diane because my D is a shift worker and there’ll be time when he needs to work the weekend shift too and it sucks big time when there is some family gathering.

    Still, I hope by now you are back in your Sweetie’s arm now πŸ˜€ have fun!!

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