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Beatiful Provence

Here you see the beautiful Provencial countryside. We are now on our 3rd day at Claudie’s house, and we are having a wonderful time. We have been swimming in the Mediterranean sea and I have practiced snorking! We have gone to visit a picturesque village from the middle ages, and of course we have eaten lots and lots of good food! You will be tired of hearing about it all soon enough I would think as everyone has something to tell! The bloggers are quite content!! We are also thinking of you all and how we will write our story to share it!



Comments on: "Beatiful Provence" (10)

  1. Yea, this is an experience of a life time and I feel so fortunate to be here at Claudie and her husband (great hosts!) and be a part of this wonderful blog gathering!

  2. How fun! I look forward to more posts, more pictures and recountings of your events!

  3. It looks fantastic and I am sure you are all having a grand time. Enjoy!!

  4. Surprising that Rennie had time to comment on your blog, lol !! with all that fun you must have !

  5. It really is beautiful – I’m hoping to gett here next year.

  6. Picturesque part of Europe. Greetings to Renny for me. Enjoy your holiday.

  7. Beautiful, indeed! Have you seen any lavender fields? That’s the only thing I remember from Provence, traveling there with my parents when I was a kid.

  8. You put a beautiful picture of Le Castellet! Now, step by step, during the journey I will prepare my first article about our wonderful gathering!

  9. Excellent, marvelous, exciting, and we were there together. WOW.
    What a great time we had together;)))

  10. Awww the Provence really is lovely!

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