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Well every vacation has to end sometime, that’s why they call it vacation! We came home last night about 9 pm. RennyBA and TorAa did a very good job of driving us across Europe, through France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden and all the way home to Norway – while we even had a good time. We stopped at interesting places and I have now over 500 photos (so watch out!!) Just kidding I won’t be posting them all. Some are just for my own precious memories of this great time.

I really want to thank Claudie and her husband Pierre for inviting us to their home and starting this crazy idea of a bloggers meeting. It was lots of fun to get to know Mrs. Lifecruiser and her husband better, and of course TorAa and Anna have shared some of our summer vacation for the last three years. Everyone got along so well that it was sad to have to leave. Even a few tears were shed the last night at Claudie’s. We had all relaxed and become like a big, somewhat crazy family.

Now my fellow bloggers are actively writing about their trip so I will invite you to visit their blogs and see what we have been up to. In the mean time I will leave you a beautiful view from Le Castellet from our third day with Claudie!


Comments on: "Goodbye France, time to go home" (9)

  1. Don’t you hate vacations ending?

  2. Wow, it’s so green there. Must get lots of rain. Beautiful.

    It’s indeed sad that you all had to part company and return home. You do have lots of great memories and that’s a very good thing. I’m glad you all had such fun.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

  3. Diane, this is so beautiful! Like a post card! Glad you all had such a wonderful trip!

  4. migrationdiary said:

    Absolutely stunning! Good to hear you are having such a wonderful time 🙂

  5. I read Comedy plus speaking about a green place where it must rain!!! No! He doesn’t rain! Rain is so rare here in Provence! We haven’t see it since juni.
    I really enjoy reading all your post about our nice gathering since I feel me now so alone after several days with funny and great friends. It was along time I didn’t enjoy like that with people and I remember some magical moments we had sometimes with special atmosphere like after the jazz concert in the old town. I will try to go now to bed earlier! I will try!

  6. […] I met them all in the center of the town! Renny Ba and Diane CA, Tor RA and Anna from Oslo and our famous Captain, I say, Mrs Lifecruiser and her husband Mr […]

  7. This is Provence at it’s best. I remember our visit as it should have been yesterday.

    btw. On my travelblog we are still in Nancy.

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