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Now everyone is blogging about our trip to France to visit Claudie and Pierre and get together with our blogger friends and it is so much time reliving the memories. While reading about the first day I got the idea to tell you all about what we did while we waited for Mrs. Lifecruiser and her husband to arrive.

RennyBA and I arrived in Marseille the day before we were due at Claudie’s and met up with TorAa and Anna who had driven their car through Europe this far. There were some events at the hotel which we will keep secret (no no keep your mind out of the gutter…it had something to do with getting us a taxi hahaha) but all in all a fine evening with a welcoming Rosรจ wine and Anna proclaiming that now that we had arrived the real fun could start!

Charming side street

Charming side street

The next day we had some hours after our hotel breakfast to wait for the Lifecruisers to arrive. Since Tor knows the area he took us to visit a charming town, Aix-en-Provence which is about 30 km from Marseille.

Lovely and simple fountain

Lovely and simple fountain

A charming town this was our first real taste of Provence. The town is known for its warm spring and many fountains.

La Rotonde

La Rotonde

The shopping wasn’t half bad either. There were plenty of typical french items to buy.

Gourmet foods

Gourmet foods

Fashion too of course!

White cotton dresses

White cotton dresses

And we also visited our first Creperie, although I chose the salmon tartar…I soon learned to love the French Crepes!

Delicious and delicate salmon tartar

Delicious and delicate salmon tartar

More fun to come from our lovely vacation with good friends! Stay tuned!

Comments on: "Sightseeing bloggers in Aix-en-Provence" (23)

  1. That is awesome and I am happy that you guys are having a blast there. I love crepes and hopefully I can manage to make one someday!

  2. It’s beautiful, but the food got to me the very best. You all know how to eat. Just saying.

    I’m glad you all had such a wonderful time.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oh I would just die and go to heaven in France! All that luscious food and wine!

  4. I looked at your pictures, I am myself on holidays in England. Apparently you had a great time with Claudie !

  5. It is so much fun to get full reports on your wonderful gathering! glad you all took many pictures to share ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Diane, I’ll promise not to tell that you were met by French Police, due to the Night Servants lack of service at the hotel. It will be a kept secret;-)).

    I agree, we had a wonderful meeting and a beautiful walk and lunchtime in Aix-en-Provence.

    Excellent photos here

  7. Reading this post and look at the pics (you’re a great photographer!) brings up all the good memories from our trip and you know what: the best was that we could share this adventures together!

  8. Those crepes look fantastic.

  9. Ah, narrow streets and fountains… taste of home!

  10. Oui, La Provence est merveilleux!


  11. It’s nice that finally you were able to see something of the south of Europe and not only the cold Norway up there ! I thought Rennie and you knew the Lifecruisers quite well from Anna’s birthday party, if I remember. I just came back from the English coast and had a wonderful time and weather.

  12. BTW I see your blog became a discussion forum. I never come back once I have commented.

  13. it looks and sounds like it was a perfectly lovely time.

  14. I like Aix- En-Provence because it is a studiens’ town and I like it’s atmoshere with always people at anytime of the day and night and Art is really pregnant here!
    I went for my studies sometimes here particulary at the bibliotheque when I did my Master in Law to prepare my exams.

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