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Now that we are home again, and our everyday life has started up as normal, it is especially nice to look back on the fabulous vacation we had and remember the days we spent at Claudie and Pierre’s house. RennyBA posted tonight on Le Castellet and I will continue on that day and share some of my impressions with you all.

Le Castellet atop the mountain

Le Castellet atop the mountain

Every day was special on our trip, and visiting this Medieval town helped to fulfil some of my “fantasy” of Provence. Whenever we travel someplace we have a fantasy of how it will there. My fantasy of Provence involved lots of wineries, beautiful old architecture, history, light terracotta colored buildings, narrow cobblestone streets and lots of old world charm. Of course my fantasy also involved lavender fields, but fortunately I did my homework and knew that the time we were there was outside of the lavender harvest. As I understand it they harvest two times, earlier in summer when the lavender first blooms, and again in the fall taking a second flowering. I did at least find a lot of lavender products for sale.

Lavender products

Lavender products

The grapes were well underway though. I remember being so excited looking out the car window and I could actually see the grapes growing on the vines (like this was some big shock….hehehe I think some thought I was a bit strange!) Well you have to understand that grapes do not grow well in Norway!

Le Castellet Chapel

Le Castellet Chapel

There was a simple but beautiful chapel at the top of the city, and it really made an impression on me. I went inside and the atmosphere was so serene. I thought “Mom would love this place” so I just had to light a candle in her memory and leave it in the presence of this Madonna.

Madonna statue

Madonna statue

And of course we ended our day with a trip to one of the many charming cafés! This one was a creperie with delicious filled crepes. Mine was filled with vine fresh tomatoes, herbs and cheese. Yummy!!



Thank you for joining our blog gathering online, and remember to visit RennyBA, TorAa, Lifecruiser and of course Claudie to see their updates as well!

Comments on: "Remembering blog gathering in Le Castellet, Provence" (10)

  1. We are fast all connect tonight by internet! I was leaving your blog after commenting when this post arrives right now, at the moment!
    Yes, Le Castellet was a great time in our gathering but I can say all our adventures were great and funny everywhere we went!!!
    The Madonna is really beautiful!

  2. I write your link on my blog too, Diane! Everyone has to visit Le Castellet through your eyes!

  3. Oh that crepe looks totally wonderful! I have always wanted to go to Provence. Someday. Meanwhile I visit it through your eyes!

  4. I just read Renny’s post! You guys are in sync 😉

    These lavender products… oh, I love the smell!

  5. Yea, we can never forget this wonderful blog gathering – and the best of all: to experience it with You my dear!

  6. Dear Diane,
    this post is very interesting.
    You know why?
    It reminds me a lot of my first trip to France, back in 1964.
    I had learned some French at School and had some “wild” ideas about “la France”.

    What you here reports in a very fascinating way, is just how I felt as first time visitor to this very interesting country. Which you now have seen only the Eastern part of.
    From the Mediitarean via the lower Alpes and the charming Alsace.

    I too had some imaginations and pictures in my head. At that time we went by Train!
    It turned our to be far better than expected.
    Resullt: I did visit France for 30 consecutive years.
    And still visit from time to time.

    It was an honour to be together we the both of you this summer for 8 days.
    And all the other blog-friends as well.

    btw. I did post a photo from the first meeting with Mr and Mrs Lifecruiser, 2 years ago

  7. That crepe looks out of this world, filled with some of my favorite things.

  8. Yep, truly a magical place. A memory to keep for many years to come. *dreamy sigh*

    Thx for the great company during our stay there together, the house got very empty after you left 🙂

  9. Lovely photos and the crepe looks mouthwatering! I guess me and Odd should take a tour there someday.

  10. what lovely pictures of a charming place. i smiled when you siad you lit a candle for your mother. and that crepe has made me very hungry.

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