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Hello my friends! I am a little bit ashamed because I haven’t been more active in the blogsphere. I have been around Facebook enough but I haven’t been as active as normal here and visiting my other blog friends. Allow me to explain, I have started my new full time job, which takes a while to adjust too. It’s quite demanding and I have a lot of things to figure out since I am responsible for setting up my own work and following up my own clients. On top of this, week 2 on the job I seem to have gotten the flu. I am a little a fraid to call it the flu because everyone is so crazy about the flu these days. I really don’t think I have the swineflu. I haven’t seen a pig in weeks hahaha. No seriously I have been under the weather but no worse then earlier experiences. None-the-less I have also been home today, Monday. Tomorrow I feel like I have to drag myself out the door and in to work, and I hope that my colleagues accept that and don’t throw me out of the center in Swine-flu-hysterics!

Ribeauville Hotel Au Leon

Ribeauville Hotel Au Leon

But today we are going to think about something much more pleasant and more colorful.Alsace is located on the eastern boarder of France along the west bank of the river Rhine with a boarder to Switzerland and Germany (both of which we also visited). Alsace has changed hands many times between France and Germany, and the building style reflects this.

Beautiful old houses in Ribeauville

Beautiful old houses in Ribeauville

Traditionally houses in Alsace are constructed with walls in timber framing and roofing in flat tiles. This is partially because in earlier times during periods of war and bubonic plague villages were often burned down. To prevent the collapse of the upper floors, ground floors were then built of stone and upper floors in half-timberings to prevent the spread of fire.

The buildings are almost as colorful as the abundant flowers

The buildings are almost as colorful as the abundant flowers

In recent times villagers began painting their houses white in accordance with the Beau-Arts movement. In order to discourage this and to keep its heritage regional authorities began giving financial grants to the inhabitants to keep their buildings in their famous colorful style and preserve this charming culture. I can’t imagine anyone dreaming of painting these houses white, can you??

Pink houses with matching flowers

Pink houses with matching flowers

Visiting Alsace and the chraming town of Ribeville especially was a bit like entering a storybook land. A land far far away with beautiful cottages, abundance of flowers, complete with an ancient castle overlooking it from above. We had planned on visiting the castle before we left, but unfortunately  we had only one day in Alsace on our way home, and in the morning when we wanted to go to the castle it rained.

Chateau du Hohlandsbourg

Chateau du Hohlandsbourg

So the fairytale will have to wait until another time …or maybe it is meant to stay a fairytale. Whichever the case this was one of my favorite places during our whole trip. I am sure you can understand why!

Renny, Tor and Anna enjoying Alsace wine

Renny, Tor and Anna enjoying Alsace wine

Remember to visit our fellow cruisers. RennyBA, Claudie, TorAa, and Lifecruiser.

Comments on: "Bloggers in colorful Alsace" (10)

  1. I hope you feel better soon, and I can understand all the hysteria surrounding the swine flu. Even my hubby is petrified.

    How wonderful. What a great time you all had on your terrific vacation. Thanks for sharing your trip with the rest of us.

    Have a great day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

  2. Wonderful pictures, but you saved the best for last!

  3. Beautiful place. I took a litle school field trip to Strasbourg as a kid, and remember it fondly.

  4. Looks very colorful from your pictures! This is a part of France I don’t know at all.

    I see you picked up the local café culture 😉

  5. Diane,
    first of all: Your Health is most important.
    Then your new appointment – in a very important project.

    And Thirdly:
    We did have a very pleasant and unforgetable time together in the Fairytale Village of Ribauville.
    Both Anna and me are very happy the both of you took the chance to go back with us from the fabulous blogermeeting at Claudie and Pierre’s home.

    btw. Since arriving home: Work – work and again work.

    Tor and Anna

  6. I was so sure I had comment already on this… *bummer*

    Wonderful photos. I love the architecture. And the crowd 😉

    I hope you’re totally OK by now and not is working too hard! Take care, because you might be an easier victim for the swineflu now when you already have been sick.

  7. Good News! Two of my babies Claus (green) and Caspar (blue) have found forever homes!

  8. OMG! The place looks beautiful and romantic. When I reacted to the pictures, Odd told me that he can take me there if I wanted to… Oooh that would be romantic.

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