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Thank God for weekends!

I mean it when I say it, thank God for weekends. I have been very busy all week, my new job takes up most of my time and energy…and of course I have my family and home too…so again I haven’t had much time for blogging. I am now so happy that the weekend is finally here and its time for some rest and relaxation!!

So since it’s friday and we are relaxing let me take you on a little tour of the French Alps. I have to admit that I am so worn out that I don’t have much intellegent to say…so can we pretend its wordless Wednesday and let these pictures stand alone??

Majestic alps

Majestic alps

I love the flat fields with the mountains in the background

I love the flat fields with the mountains in the background

We ate our lunch at this idealistic little lake

We ate our lunch at this idealistic little lake

Let the fresh air of the Alps take your breath away!! Anybody else feel like singing from The Sound of Music??? I had the urge several times during the trip but I restrained myself, fortunately for the others on our trip.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Comments on: "Thank God for weekends!" (10)

  1. My life is full of puppies right now. How wonderful! Love your pictures!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Dear Diane,
    you share 3 fantastic photos from a spectacular natur and travel from Ollioules via the French Alpes..
    And both Anna and I are so happy thinking about we did experience this wonderful sceneries together. Unforgetable. N’est pas? Ikke sant?
    The one with the yellow fields in front and the Mountains in the background is fabulous.
    And, of course we did find a charming spot for our Lunch. As usual;-))

    When I look at this wonderful sceneries, I kind of get rid of beeing tired. Yes, we are also tired after the weeks job and travel to and from work. Besides, last weekend in Holland – we did not sleep too many hours. LOL.

    btw. Jeg er tilbake til mine ABC-innlegg. Tok V-W-X-Y-Z og Æ i en jafs. Æ på engelsk? Er det mulig?
    Hils Renny

    Have a great rest of the weekend
    big hugs
    Anna and Tor

  3. I absolutely adore the Alps, although I lived ont he Swiss side.

  4. Those wonderful pics – well captured dear! – brings back wonderful memories from our Blog Gathering trip. Thanks for sharing!

  5. migrationdiary said:

    Wow, that is breathtaking!

  6. I can’t wait for the weekend too Diane and yes sorry if I have been far behind too but I think of you & Renny all the time….all the time 😀

  7. French Alpen are a beautiful place! Pierre’s mother was born there in Savoie in a little village at mountain! Glad to learn you began the work too! I am like you so busy these days! Can’t wait the weekend!

  8. The second picture is my favorite: perfect summer colors!

    I use to boat in these little “optimiste” (that’s their names), in the last pic.

  9. Ahhhh….. yes, breathing in the fresh air! Ahhhh…… Lovely, lovely photos! Mountains and Oceans, that’s our melody 🙂

    Something to look back on and keep in our hearts when the winter dark and cold is beating our bodies….

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