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Fall is the time for leaves flying off of branches, blowing in the wind, and painting our world in yellow and golden reds. This week is fall vacation and we have a visit from our little friend T. We took her with us to our vacation home in Sweden for a long weekend and some quality time with the family.

Crisp apples and fresh picked pears

Crisp apples and fresh picked pears

Even though the warm summer sun is gone it is still wonderful to be outside and enjoy the nature. Digging in the sand is not just for midsummer beach trips, children love to play with the natural elements all year long as T can well show you. She sat for hours singing and digging in the play area, while we together with our neighbors raked the leaves and prepared the outside area for the winter season.

Digging in

Digging in

On Sunday we took us a nice walk in Mariestad and were fortuntate enough to stumble over a fall cultural exhibition. This weekend is the fall culture festival in Mariestad and some of the oldest houses in the old town are open to the public. These are not museums, they are privately owned, but are protected also as cultural monuments and some of the owners allow us a look at this time of the year.

Historical courtyard

Historical courtyard

There was one beautiful enclosed court yard open to the public and it was a real treat to see this place as it normally isn’t open to the public. I have always dreamed of having a garden like this, a peaceful place to forget the daily stress and eat my breakfast or take a cup of coffee in the afternoon. These gardens are of course a lot of work as well, and this one was as well taken care of as they come.

Give me a cup of tea and solitude

Give me a cup of tea and solitude

Hope you have accepted that fall is here and gotten out into the fresh air to enjoy it while it lasts!! Have a great week!!!

Comments on: "The beauty of fall filling our lives" (12)

  1. Yes, it has come to New Hampshire as well. Cold nights, and leaves turning color. Today I felt the chill and knew that the year is winding down.
    Nice to see your young friend visiting with you again.

  2. It’s indeed lovely. All the photographs are lovely. It’s about 100 degrees here today. I hope it cools down soon. There’s not a hint of fall. Not that I care for the colder weather, but it’s too hot.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

  3. I do understand, you dont have to love cold to wish for weather a bit under 100 degrees hehehe. I think I would melt.Thank God for air conditioning!!

  4. oh, it does sound like it was a lovely, relaxing, educational time for everyone. i do so enjoy this time of year.

  5. Again: Always great to share this adventures with you – like I say; Quality time(s)!

    Your pics are great dear!

  6. Ooh, you guys are in coats already! It’s fall here, too, but still warm enough for short sleeves in the afternoon. I do love fall apples and pears, though.

  7. I wish I get to experience all this someday 😀

  8. […] Gutenberg House in Mariestad contains both an art gallery and a graphic museum. Built in late 1700s as a warehouse, this is the only remaining of the numerous wooden buildings that previously lined the harbour. It’s therefore a valuable element of the old part of Mariestad in Sweden and well worth a visit: – What attracts me first was The Graphic Museum and of course the connection in name with Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg (1398 – 1468), the German goldsmith and printer who is credited with being the first European to use movable type printing and the global inventor of the mechanical printing press. Among the specific contribution to printing which are attributed to Gutenberg is the invention of a process for mass-producing movable type. The press at the museum is from the 1900s, but I guess you get the hang of it: The other attraction is The Art Gallery located on the second floor: A perfect place for art exhibitions of all kinds in an old wooden house. I guess from these photos, you get an idea of that too: Here you’ll find a comprehensive selection of artwork, sculptures, jewellery, textiles, etc. from exhibiting artists in Mariestad and the local area. This old building and the surrounding properties have more to offer as well – especially if you care to pay The Back Gardens a visit. A nice, quiet, personal and artistic atmosphere: If you take a look at the details of the groupings you’ll understand why I went crazy with my Nokia mobile phone camera: To me it’s like going back a century in time – like a recreational journey where time stands still and you’ll find candy for the eye everywhere. To me for sure it was another quality time adventure with my wife at our vacation home town in Sweden. You’re welcome to read about this trip and see it all from her prospective on DianeCA’s own blog. […]

  9. Dear Diane,
    you know we have moved from our tiny summerhouse back to our winterhome this past weekend – with 7 cats – one was handled over to an new home yesterday.
    Which means, we have been more than usualy busy.

    The photo of the Apples are pure art – Stilleben.

    And that particular museum and art gallery in Mariestad, we hope we can visit together the first weekend of December. Right?

    Anna finnish her work around noon, but I’m sure you know the timetable for express busses. Guess who will pick up the lovely ladies? And serve a well deserved meal etc?

  10. The fruit basket at the top totally symbolizes Fall for me. Mmm… apple pies…

  11. That looks just awesome. I agree with Tor and I’ll add that I love those old houses. The Falured timbered ones will always have a special place in my heart. Memories from childhood. Nowadays they start to disappear one after another. It’s such a pity, since it’s really the “true Swedish look”.

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