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I almost couldn’t believe it when my husband RennyBA sent me a text message while I was at work congratulating me, and telling me that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize! First I have to admit that it really was a surprise to me because I have been so wrapped up in my own little world that I didn’t realize it was time for the peace prize again hehehe! And then I thought it felt good to be an American again. As an American living overseas I have to admit that the Bush years were quite tough. I didn’t much care for Bush – ever- and he was really unpopular here in Europe.

DianeCA congratulates President Obama

DianeCA congratulates President Obama

Obama on the other hand is someone who I voted for. Someone who I like representing my country and one who has dreams and ambitions which I can agree with and stand for. This is why I think it is appropriate that he receives the Nobel Peace Prize. There is a lot of discussion here, some are saying that he hasn’t earned it yet, he hasn’t done anything yet…but that isn’t true in my opinion. He has set a standard that we must live up to. He has set the frame for peace, he has opened his hands, and America’s hands to the rest of the world and said that we must work together.

This is a very big change from the politics of recent years. I believe the prize will encourage Obama to fulfil his commitments to peace, and give strength to his vision of the future. It will also put more power behind this vision of peace because the world is saying – hey we’re with you!

Quoting Muhammad Yunus (previous peace prize winner for microfinance) “The first thing Barack Obama has completed is to get the world on the right track for peace and multilateralism.”

President Obama has captured America’s and the world’s imagination because he so strikingly embodies an America that the world yearns for – an energetic, diverse, inclusive America that is determined to lead the world, but with the world’s interests in mind.

While no one person can ever bring peace to the world, that isn’t what the peace prize is about, it’s about inspiration. It’s about ideals, and it is about creating a peaceful world a little bit at a time. We can’t do that without a vision…and I believe the Barack Obama has that! Well done, Mr. President!

Your comments are as always welcome, hop on over and visit RennyBA’s Terella to get his thoughts on this day.

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  2. Dear Diane,
    we are sure agree about B O.
    I even brought and used a streamer campaign banner over to Norway, given to me by Suzann August 2008.
    But as commented on your hubbys blog:
    (After the recent years prize winners)
    I would have prefered the Noble Prize Commitee did have the courage to recognice one of the most importartent personalities in the 1960’ies with his texts and songs about
    “make love not war” – Bob Dylan.

    btw- It was very special to celebrate my mothers 90 and my daughters 32, pregnant and 2-10 days before excpected birth

    DianeCA: I bet it was exciting. My best wishes to Ingelin. Hope she soon has a lovely baby to share with you!! congratulations to the birthday girls as well.

  3. Well done, indeed. I’m proud of him, an so, so relieved to have Bush out.

  4. You are the first American who talks about this big event on her blog ! I thought there would be plenty of hurras and happiness, but so far I haven’t seen one blog who mentioned Obama. It’s as if the lips are sealed and people are afraid of showing their opinion !
    I agree to more then 100 % to what you wrote ! the fact that he did get this precious price will make work the world towards peace together !
    I am very happy about this choice !

  5. Congratulations and good luck x millions to Obama 🙂 He’s not in any easy position and will need every support and encourage he can get to fulfill his intentions.

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