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Autumn foilage photo hunt

Each year my husband, RennyBA, and I take a trip (or two or three) out for our fall foliage photo hunt. Blogging has added a new dimension to this pass time as we have become a bit more competitive while enjoying the autumn splendour. We are now in the middle of October and autumn is definitely here so the hunt is on! All photos are taken with my SonyEricsson G502 mobile telephone camera.

Golden leaves on the shores of Vänern

Golden leaves on the shores of Vänern

This year our quest for the peak colour of the season took us around the Göta Canal and Lake Vänern area in Sweden. This area has some great colour, and we happened to be using our vacation home for the weekend so we chose the area here instead of Oslo.

Göte Canal near Lyrestad, Sweden

Göta Canal near Lyrestad, Sweden

All along the Canal one can find the most charming little watch houses. This one is decorated in traditional Swedish fashion, notice the white frames around the windows and the special shape of the siding on the upper section of the house over the window. The Swedish are quite passionate about their gardens and decorating their homes, especially country homes and cottages.

Watchouse on Göte Canal

Watchouse on Göta Canal

Here you see the same watchhouse from the other side of the Canal.  Here you can see the draw bridge beside it which goes over the canal and must be opened to let taller boats through. If you wish to learn more about Göta Canal read RennyBA’s post, here you may learn the history of this architectial acheivement of the 1800’s.

Watchouse with a drawbridge

Watchouse with a drawbridge

Typically enough of any good chase. The catch was really in our own back yard…or rather our front yard. Here you see the most colorful maple tree standing right outside our window. But of course if we were satisfied with that we would have missed out on a whole day of fun!
You cant beat a Maple tree

You can't beat a Maple tree

Have a good week everybody! And thanks for stopping by!

Comments on: "Autumn foilage photo hunt" (17)

  1. […] Update: I told you this was a quality time together with my wife. Go and see the results from DianeCA’s photo […]

  2. Just when I think that nothing can beat your first picture, I scroll down and see all the others. Beautiful! It’s been a pretty Autumn here as well, but I am busy with the babies and so I cannot take much time to just walk about with my camera.

  3. Those pictures…WOW. Absolutely stunning.

  4. The top picture is absolutely amazing. I spent two minutes staring at it and at these gorgeous pastel hues.

  5. i am sooo jealous! not only do you get that beautiful foilage, you took those photos with a mobile phone??? gaa

  6. Such beautiful photos of our wonderful world! Almost like beautiful landscape paintings 🙂

    Yes, taking photos adds a new dimension to exploring things, doesn’t it? And you can enjoy the scenery for so long time afterward too. Only bonuses!

  7. Underbar bild.

  8. Wow! The pictures are gorgeous! This is Heaven on earth! I wish to own a house like the one in your photo.

    Autumn is such a beautiful season and it makes me feel romantic. hehe…

  9. Stunning photos! I love the colours. They’re nothing like the colours where I am at the moment.

  10. My compliments.
    Alle these photos are ART.
    Very impressive.

    btw. You know, my thoughts these days are the Fact my Mother has passed another milestone: 90 years.
    And Ingelin was 32 on Friday and can expect her first child any day now….

    hugs from
    T and A
    Southern Oslo

  11. Lovely photos. I especially like that first one. You guys are ahead of us on leaves turning.

  12. migrationdiary said:

    Wow, those photos are simply breathtaking!

  13. Hi Diane,

    very, very nice fall photos here! I love it and I miss it here in every day warm and sunny Florida! Great post!


    P.S. I really don’t have the money for a trip to Europe…. 😦

  14. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

  15. I can hardly believe those colors and pictures!! Gorgeous is an understatement…!!

  16. Your photos are AMAZING!

  17. What fantastic photos from the most colourful of the Seasons in Oslo-Area.

    btw. Sorry I comment late, you know why…

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