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Finally free on Friday

Hello friends! Now it is finally Friday evening and I am free to kick back and relax. I am beginning to get a creeping feeling that I am working too much. I would say most of my co-workers are married to their jobs. I think the majority of employees at the crisis center are single women without kids, and the next class is the one I am in ….middle aged (eek!) women with big kids. Women with small children don’t last very long in this environment, its just too emotionally and mentally demanding to have the energy it takes to care for small children the rest of the day. Still we are a very committed group, and everyone is passionate about the work they do. We are a pretty tight group as well, and spend a lot of time together.

Last weekend I apoligize for not blogging, as many of you know we had a short trip to Greece in the middle of the week (RennyBA and I) and then on Friday I was back to work at a conference of my own (How to talk with traumitised children). Then we did something which I think was rather wonderful for the Crisis Center. We are always competing for funds, and our budget for fixing up the house is pretty small. We who work there have felt bad about the way the center has looked for the last few years as it has been more and more run down on the inside. Last weekend we gave it a face lift!

Painting project

Painting project

Okay so we are not exactly Martha Stewart here but as you can see we did use plastic on the floors. These charming painters are my co-workers. We came in on a voluntary basis Friday night, Saturday and Sunday and gave the house a makeover in a weekend. Glamorous is not exactly the word for this center but trust me this new paint job is a heck of a lot better then it was before. The color brought out some nice old fashioned door frames and window sills which were lost in the faded off white institution paint job. We also feel that using color has given the center a more at home feel. The floor where I work is painted green as you see, and the one above it a crisp light blue color. In addition we put an extra kitchen table into the kitchen, have recently bought new sofas for the living room, and set up new curtains and decorations. We have also recently divided the house so that women who are at the center with children have their own floor, and women who are here single are on another floor. This seems to be working well, as long as room allows. Right now the childrens floor is full, so we are stuck putting them into the adult section. They are moved down into the childrens floor as soon as space is available however.

So I have been spending a bit more time with “my girls” (both the ones I work with and the ones I follow up) then here for the time being. I want you to know that I still appreciate the chance to come in here to Metamorphoses and make contact with my friends and the rest of the world. It adds another dimension to my life and helps to keep me grounded so I don’t get eaten up by this crazy place I spend my days.

Oslo Blog Gathering 2010

Oslo Blog Gathering 2010

I will hopefully have another post this weekend with some lovely pictures of our trip to Greece so come back, okay? And if you want to get to know me and our crazy life here in Oslo please remember to check out the Oslo Blog Gathering 2010. You may find that you would like to join us in November for a Blog Gathering like nothing you have experienced before. I’ll be there….will you join me?

Comments on: "Finally free on Friday" (12)

  1. First, you are NOT middle aged! That would make me ancient, and I simply refuse to think like that. We are young experienced women. Wait. That doesn’t sound right either! lol!

  2. Wait, I just got distracted by the “middle aged” debate. I’m 47 and consider myself middle aged. But I’m embarucng the idea of being in mid-life – and I’m having a great time!

  3. its amazing what a new coat of paint can do. we all need freshness in life. opening a window helps too. turning on a light. a nice hug. fresh paint and a genuine smile.

  4. I believe you it must be a very hard and demanding job. Especially not to get too much involved personally !

  5. Clever girl – and now you tell me it inspires you to do some painting at home too!?!? Sounds scary! 🙂

    See you in August next year – if not before!

  6. I understand you job is very hard and demanding. Several years ago I was working in a special class with children who had some problems at school and of course often hard problems at home. So I had a big job with the children but with the parents too and I could have the help of a scolarpsycholog.
    A new painting and it’s a new start!!! Ha! Ha! I see Renny thinks about painting too!!!
    This summer I will have an idea about this crazy life you speak about and I can’t wait!!!

  7. If you are middle aged then I am a “fossil” already…LOL…
    I liked your post.

  8. Age is just a number and you don’t look middle aged to me. Anyway, it’s nice to have some free time since lately I don’t have that kind of luxury. I can’t wait to have some free time!

  9. Hello Diane, thanks for the update and sorry I’ve been having a mental block from blogging too. It has been busy over here too 😀

    Have fun celebrating Renny’s Birthday 😀

  10. I’m impressed what effort you do at work in helping woman in crises, the way you do.
    And on top of that, you even do the maintenance;)

    Hope you and Renny had a great celebration to day.

  11. Wow! that’s so great of you to do that extra job with the painting! Working too much is not a good thing thouhg, please be careful.

    I’m looking forward to see you both next year at the bog gathering 🙂

  12. Working and being passionate by what you do is great! That said, I always make it clear that I do have a life outside work. Some people I work with are workaholic… it’s scary.

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