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 This weekend looks just like the last one, grey and rainy and generally not that attractive outside. While it isn’t below freezing (at the moment) it is also cold. Days like these make me really wish we had a fire place. I do have a fireplace DVD to play on my flat screen TV in HD (which even plays Christmas carols if I like), however that doesn’t seem to warm the house that much and it does make Renny roll his eyes at me.

 So since I didn’t have a fireplace I decided that I really needed to get out today. And when the weather isn’t cooperative what is a girl to do? Go Shopping of course!



Occasionally I consider shopping a recreational activity in which one visits a variety of stores in search of a suitable product to purchase. “Window shopping” is an activity that shoppers engage in by browsing shops with no intent to purchase, possibly just to pass the time between other activities, or to plan a later purchase. Today’s trip was a combination of both. First I went to Bekkestua and did a whole lot of window shopping (I especially like doing that at the jewlery store hahaha cheaper that way) and ended that trip with the amazing purchase of nail polish. Well it was at least Chanel nail polish, and it better not chip all week long for the price I paid for it! 

Chanel Nail Polish

Chanel Nail Polish

Then I took the bus to pick up a package at another center. Yes, I did say I took the bus. I do have a car and a drivers license but the bus system is so good here, and I do have a bus card so I pretty much have the schedule memorized. there I did some more window shopping, this time in the lamp boutique. I am very interested in buying a chandelier to have at the peak of our peaked ceiling in the living room. (The difficulty here is that Renny is not equally interested in having a chandelier hanging from the peak of our peaked ceiling.) I don’t quite understand why, I mean this is my dream chandelier which I had serious intentions of shopping with some money I inherited. Why would any man object to that?? 

Diane's dream chandelier

Diane's dream chandelier

Okay, I’m done picking on my sweetie. He’s a good guy we just have different tastes. I have promised not to buy the Swarovski crystal chandelier without his approval first! I did see a simpler one I kind of liked for our living room though. It was iron and had much fewer crystals, it may go better with out wooden ceiling?  

Results of my shopping trip? Food mostly. I did get some nice pesto marinated lamb chops which I will soon be cooking for dinner. And after dinner I will most likely be doing my nails. Hope you all are having a good weekend and finding more interesting things to do then window shopping!

Comments on: "Window shopping on a rainy day in Bekkestua" (6)

  1. Love your red channel nail colour! I would want the same! Sure! channel is a good mark for fabulous woman! Claudie dream’s chandelier is this one I saw in Venezia when I was there. It was a such art master piece!
    Perhaps one day, who knows?

  2. Chanel nail polish is awesome. They also have the nicest lipstick colors. I remember window shopping in Europe, I used to try on all the colors and never ended buying anything!

    • We do a lot of window shopping in Europe, hehehe its expensive here! Especially in Norway. I am very satisfied with my purchase, and yes I also like their lipstick, but there I like Dior best. The consistancy is better somehow.

  3. THanks for the shopping trip Diane 🙂

  4. Your dream chandelier tells me you need a home with 350 cm from floor to ceiling;)
    Bekkestua has really changed since I first time was there more than 50 years ago. From a small place in the countryside to a modern City-Center. (Only 2 minutes away from my office).

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