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Jeeze…you get a little busy, get caught up in your work for what seems like a couple of days and zip….Christmas is right around the corner. Okay maybe not right around the corner but it does seem to be everywhere you look these days. We have had a dusting of snow or two here but nothing major yet. Still we wanted to get into the holiday spirit this weekend while enjoying a weekend away with our friend TorAa we went to Vadsbo Museum in Mariestad, Sweden to see their Christmas market.

Old Fashioned Christmas Tree

Old Fashioned Christmas Tree

Although the market was small, it was filled with charming traditional Christmas decorations we wouldn’t find other places. I like the old fashioned ornaments because I think they have a whole other charm to them. Tradition and something simple to decorate the Christmas tree.

Hand made woven hearts

Hand made woven hearts

These handmade woven hearts are also common in Norway. They are not soooo easy to make, but we did them in Arts and Crafts this week at the center, so they aren’t that complicated either as long as you have the pattern.

Cremehus, paper cone ornaments

Cremehus, paper cone ornaments

These ornaments are of a variety I collect here in Norway, hung on an adorable miniature tree. Sometimes our Santa Claus hides some goodies inside these on the tree, so the children check them on Christmas day looking for treats. They are common in all the Scandinavian countries.

Traditional light decoration in Sweden

Traditional light decoration in Sweden

And finally no Swedish home would be complete without this light in the window. While Norwegians are more partian to Advent stars , the Swedish have long had this advent candle in the window, typically in an arch as you see here. We have one as well in our apartment in Sweden, and RennyBA and I set up our Christmas decorations before we left.

Hope you have enjoyed this short look at holiday traditions and it maybe put you into the Christmas spirit. If you are wondering I have not bought a single gift yet, and honestly I am not quite sure what I am buying, except for RennyBA’s gift….which is a nice secret. Have a good week my friends!

Comments on: "Traditional Christmas decorations in Sweden" (7)

  1. Ah yes, Christmas. I love the candles in the window and I also love handmade ornaments. In fact wherever I go I collect some small handmade ornament for my tree. Not sure we will get one up this year though because we leave on Friday and won’t get back until the 20th in the evening.

  2. How fun. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. I wish it was 85 degrees out too, but alas it’s not. I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping. Shopping is not my favorite thing to do so I get it out of the way before Thanksgiving. Everyone is out after Thanksgiving.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

  3. I love Christmas decorations in every tradition.

  4. Very cute and cozy!

    I’m not into Xmas yet, busy at work and at university. But we had our first big snow storm today so it does feel a bit more like winter!

  5. I don’t celebrate Christmas in Singapore but I love looking at Christmas decorations and seeing my friends cook up a storm. Of course I enjoy the Christmas food that is abundant this time of the year. 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing Xmas tradition with us, Diane! I really adore to learn traditions and especially these about christmas it is our most important event of the year here for the children as for the olders!!! the 24 in the evening Muguette , Jérôme and their daughter with her little family come by us to fest christmas! Pierre and me we will cook a speciality, l’aÏolie! It’s a provençal cooking with some fish and other seafruits, different vegetables and a special pasta with garbit! a lot of garbit! And after better for you not to walk in society! And better not to kiss everyone! But this is so good to eat!

  7. i don’t like to celebrate xmas, but i like to see xmas decorations..


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