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Well I wasn’t exactly at the award ceremony, but I was one of the thousands lucky enough to see Barack Obama in Oslo today. I remember so well that when I heard that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize that I said to my husband, RennyBA, ” I want to see him!” I tried to get tickets to the Peace Prize concert, but was not one of the lucky ones, I even bid on tickets on an ‘ebay’ like service here in Norway, but without any luck.

Queen Sonja, Michelle OBama, Barack Obama, King Harald, Crown Princess Mette Marit, and Crown Prince Håkon

Queen Sonja, Michelle OBama, Barack Obama, King Harald, Crown Princess Mette Marit, and Crown Prince Håkon

Fortunately I was lucky enough to be in Oslo around the time that Obama visited the King’s Castle and quickly understood from all the police in the area that something was about to happen! And then it did! The President drove by waving at the onlookers, along with Michelle and a number of secret service officers. And so my wish was granted, I did get to see him. Unfortunately as .luck would have it my telephone camera was full and by the time I deleted a picture to save one…this is what I got! After the motorcade drove by 😦

Missed the motorcade

Missed the motorcade

He also made a short appearence on the balcony of the Grand Hotel as most of the Nobel Peace Prize winners traditionally do, at exactly 7 pm they came out and winked to the crowd of 10,000 Norwegians who gathered for the event.

Waving from the Grand Hotel, courtesy of Aftenposten

Waving from the Grand Hotel, courtesy of Aftenposten

Now the Peace Prize dinner is on the television and I probably get a much better view then I would have in person!

Everyone thinks he made a good speech, a historical speech, and the entire country is buzzing about it. It has been personally an exciting day as an American living in Norway, I have been able to be proud to be a part of both countries at once! Click here to see a panoramic view of the crowd outside Grand Hotel!

Comments on: "Obama receives the peace prize in Oslo, and I was there." (6)

  1. […] wife DianeCA, is an American who have lived in Norway for 10 years. You should also click to read her thoughts about Obama’s visit. How about you: Did you notice that Obama was in Oslo yesterday – and the […]

  2. President Obama was in Singapore for the Apec Summit. I was there and saw him from afar but couldn’t take a picture of him. Looks like both of us are excited to see him. 🙂

  3. and I am proud to have you as my wife 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing this important event with us, Diane! I am so excited! i would want to be in Oslo and live this with you two! just i hope is that this price will have a nice impact on our future! If only each country could think for a Peace Price and if war could only be a bad memory for the planet!

  5. It’s always hard to catch the right moment at events like this one. Most of the time, you are right, it’s best seen on TV!

    Nonetheless, it’s quite exciting.

  6. Just hate it when that happens to me with the camera. When I use it that is full or no battery.
    A hug from Ibiza, Spain

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