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Romjul peace in Sweden

In Norway the week between Christmas and New Years has a name, something which I think is quite handy, it is called Romjul. In earlier centuries Norway celebrated Christmas from Christmas eve to Holy three Kings day (January 6), and Romjul were the days from the Holy Christmas days until January 6th. Now however most of the celebration lasts only until January 1.

Snowy trees in Mariestad

Snowy trees in Mariestad

Romjula for many in Norway is a time for Christmas peace at home, many take vacation, and the schools are closed. Many families use this time for visiting and enjoyig special Christmas foods like rice porridge, gingerbread and glazed toasted almonds. Romjula can be a quiet time indoors with a lot of eating, but also walks outdoors for fresh air, reflection and contemplation play a roll. Many families go skiing or enjoy their holiday at their cottages in the mountains.

Before, it was also customary to visit the neighbors singing Christmas songs and receiving cookies and cakes in return for the concert. Now a days the newer tradition is to crush and eat the gingerbread house the family has made during Christmas. More and more people in Norway travel abroad for Christmas and New Year celebrations, and romjula has become the high season for many resorts.

Fireworks and Sweets at Åkes

Fireworks and Sweets at Åkes

Each year we spend romjula in our vacation home in Sweden. Even if there is snow the trip went slow but safe over the boarder to the place we call our little Paradise. My two sons are along for the trip, even though my oldest has moved out to study, he is now home for the holidays. We use this time to rest up after a hectic season before Christmas, and to build bonds and good memories with the family.

Among the activities which are the highlight of this period is the annual New Years Party which is a fast event here. We gather with our neighbors and everyone takes something with them to celebrate the evening. We usually provide some champagne and the fireworks. Hop on over to RennyBA’s Terella to see how we buy the fireworks which we send up ourselves!

Pretty pink Swedish godis

Pretty pink Swedish godis

While in this shop buying fireworks I found something else to take pictures of as well. Christmas is also one time of the year many loosen up their health restrictions and eat a bit of candy, Sweden is king of loose candy, or godis as it is called here. The Swedes are considered the best in the world to eat and make bulk candy. Each Swede ate approximately three kilograms of candy per person last year, a total 24,000 tonnes.

Just about one quarter of the selection

Just about one quarter of the selection

I didn’t buy any of this pretty candy, I just liked the colors for photographic purposes. I don’t crave this kind if candy but if it is in the house I will eat it! So we will buy a little bit tomorrow to celebrate New Years Eve but when it is eaten up it isn’t invited back into the house for a while! Mostly because Renny and the boys can eat a bit and leave it however I sneak out to the dish time after time.

Pretty colors, lots of sugar

Pretty colors, lots of sugar

We are enjoying a peaceful vacation – well except for the boys who are hold up in their room with their playstation 3 blowing people up in some video game or another….this I will never understand. However they did play online with a friend they have known since they went to the same babaysitter together when they were small, a friend who lives in NY while they were here in Sweden, and that part of it is kind of nice! Hope all of you are having a lovely holiday season, or Romjul as it is called here.

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  2. Oooh lovely candies! I think I saw one that looks like an old person’s dentures! Heheheheh. Godt nyttår!

  3. Is that a kind of sweets found only in Sweden??? So colourful indeed ;D

    Happy New Year Diane !

  4. I have to work part of the time between Christmas and New Year’s but the kids are off and I always scale aback the work schedule to take a partial vacation.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Have fun and enjoy bringing in the new year. I checked out Renny’s post on the fireworks. Looks like you have a great evening planned. Enjoy.

    Have a terrific day and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Hug to you both. 🙂

  6. I should have known there was a name for this week, Diane, in between Christmas and New Years. Makes sense to me. 🙂 Please be careful with the fireworks tomorrow night and welcome in the New Year with great joy and hope for 2010!

  7. Oooo…. I’m drooling at the colorful candies. I like to snack between meals. 😛

    Happy holiday Diane!

  8. Did I see well ? the second candy box looks like false teeth in the first picture ? ! Yikes ! In Italy the 6th of January was more important then Christmas. There the “Befana” the witch brought the gifts for the children. In Belgium we eat a special cake with a coin or something in it and who gets the piece gets also a crown.

  9. and happy romjul to you too!

  10. What beautiful pictures with colorful candies!!!
    Have a great great time tonight you and Renny and all the family!!! I can’t wait to see the pictures of the famous bandit Renny bought!
    Chance you have with snow! The atmosphere must be so special with it! It remember me the time we had our New Year Day at mountain in Alpen! So great memories!
    We will fest the NY with my sister and Jérôme! Very relax with delicat seafood and champagne!

  11. Very interesting and very different… I do like the fresh air walks and all that candy! I would be in heaven if I were a kid again. 😉

  12. I like this tradition! It’s better than the traditional “shop til you drop” before Xmas and the “fight for the last HD TV” during Boxing Day sales!

  13. Yes, they definitely make pretty colors at least! I’m not a big godis eater myself, I prefer salt licorice if any…. But not with our new diet: nothing that contains sugar!!!!

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