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This weekend we had the most incredible weather. A steady wind from the North has brought us a perfect winter this year. First we got a good coating of snow from the 23rd of December through the New Year, which have been combined with very cold weather. (-15 degrees to -22 degrees Celsius.) These conditions create beautiful scenery when the entire world is coated in snow and ice, and looks almost magical.

Sunrise over Kalvøya

Slunrise over Kalvøya

Saturday morning we got up ‘early’ (sunrise about 9:10 am hahaha) the temperature the first day was -20 but we know how to dress for the winter conditions so we had really a lovely time outside. We went to take pictures of Kalvøya island, in the Oslo fjord at sunrise, and then since the sun rises so slowly in the winter time we also went to Frogner Stranden, a harbour area on the outskirts of Oslo. I had suggested this place because I noticed the icy fog on the water the day before and I hoped that we would have as good conditions again.

Beautiful morning sky

Beautiful morning sky

Our trip was so successful, with literally hundreds of photos to choose from, so we had to take another trip out today. We knew that this kind of conditions might not last, and they make for perfect photographic conditions. Many others were outside today enjoying the sunshine and the crisp fresh air along the coastline.

Magical ice crystals

Magical ice crystals

We went first to Bygdøy in the area of the Shipping historical museum, Kon Tiki Museum, and the Polar Expedition Museum. Here there is a nice water area where we took a lot of nice photos, and I took some video of Renny. He was really down at the edge of the water, fascinated by the ice, and apparently not worried about any risk to himself! Well, he did not fall, and eventually I was drawn down to the waters edge by my own competitive nature, but icy it was indeed. Here is a little video of Renny challanging the elements.

Afterwards we went to Huk beach on the other side of the same island. Here there were many more families enjoying the natural surroundings and the remarkable weather. As you can see the photographic conditions were outstanding too, and there is a bit of video from there as well.

Romance in winter

Romance in winter


Both places are near Oslo, and will be easily available for the Oslo Blog Gathering. Of course it will also be a bit warmer in the middle of summer. I recommend that you drop in and visit RennyBA to see his catch of the day, in our photo hunt of course! And enjoy the wonderful weather wherever you are!! Here is one last video from Huk!


Comments on: "Photo hunt on the icy beaches of Oslo, Norway" (15)

  1. […] my wife (DianeCA) showing the action during our photo hunt: You should go visit her blog to see Diane’s catch from our adventures! Many were also out getting sunshine these past two days because here our […]

  2. Diane, it is interesting to see you have lost your New York accent. You count 100% Norwegian now!
    Beautiful pictures and movies!

  3. I’m freezing just looking at the pictures. Yikes. I’m waiting for spring.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

  4. Amazing photos!

  5. so pretty. i love the morning shot the best with all the pinkishness to it. it does make me giggle to hear you talk because you have indeed developed a norwegian accent. hehehehe. but that’s ok, i developed a trini accent when i lived there.

  6. Beautiful pics! I love the Romance in Winter!

  7. I loved to watch the video, Diane. Your picture with the ice crystals is magnificent. Somewhat I’m missing the winter and somewhat not. But just now it’s also way to cold here in Florida, we have 29F and thats minus in Celsius too.

    Thanks for sharing your Northern beauty!

  8. The ice crystals picture is amazing. What a close-up!

    I live the light. Sure, it’s cold, but it’s sunny!

    Great pictures 🙂

  9. Amazing photos and videos! I love the picture of the ice crystals, it’s so rare that we see this kind of thing over here.

  10. brrrr….. I froze as I look at your photos of the icy cold weather. 😛
    I doubt I can stand this extreme cold weather and temperature. Where I come from, the daily average temperature is 33 degree Celsius. 😀

  11. What a beautiful landscape ! I have some pictures of the Waterloo Lion in the snow on my Writer Cramps blog today. It also was very cold but a beautiful day !

  12. So marvelous landscape, Diane! And this year I won’t see the snow again but I have snow here! And I enjoy to admire your white paradize!
    How interesting are your video. It looks I am on the fjords with you two! Can’t wait the BG!

  13. Wonderful winter scenes indeed 🙂 I love the romantic photo – of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t!!!! *giggles*

  14. To experience it with you – that’s the best of it all! Thanks for your support and for staying by a crazy man like me 😉

  15. It’s amzing to think about:
    During the Summer, when Sunshine, these Beaches are crowed and people are swimming in the fiord.
    What a contrast.

    And the last movie from Huk:
    You know I was borned and lived nearby for 30 years at Bygdöy, where we will see The Vikingships and perhaps Kon-Tiki and Ra raft a.o. very interesting Norwegian culture museum highlights during the OBG in August.

    btw. The Land has liftet several inches since I first time was at Huk. And I can tell you the difference in details. In fact, it’s more than I really realise in my mind.

    See on TORsdag

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