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On Thursday we had the pleasure of meeting up with five blogger friends to plan for the Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 which is taking place this summer in August. We have had so much fun meeting others who enjoy blogging as much as we do that we decided to invite as many as possible to hook up with us for 4 days of fun here in Oslo. Last summer we were lucky enough to be invited to visit Claudie and Pierre, and we had TorAa with his wife Anna, and Mrs and Mr Lifecruiser staying there as well. It was really a great deal of fun to meet people which we have had contact with over several years in person and have some off line experiences with them too. I suppose bloggers are pretty social people by nature, otherwise we wouldn’t be putting ourselves out on the net all the time in order to meet and share with others.

And so the plan was hatched, sometime in 2008 that we would invite some friends the summer after we visited Claudie. The list grew and grew, and we naturally invited Tor into the planning since we have had contact with him even before we started as bloggers. It wasn’t very long before we realized that we could not have this event at our home, because we simply wouldn’t have room to invite everyone we wanted to meet. So the search began for accomodations.

Norway is currently the most expensive city in the world to live in or visit, so this made it a challenge to find a good place to stay at a price which was affordable for everyone. After searching high and low, and a lot of telephone calls we finally found a hotel which was excited about our project. First Hotel Millennium seemed really to understand what we were trying to do. In addition booking could go through VisitOslo, our local tourism bureau, so that we don’t have to get involved in the money in any way. We don’t want that responsibility, thank you very much!!

Planning party for the Oslo Blog Gathering 2010

Planning party for the Oslo Blog Gathering 2010

Renny has also worked on the program and convinced VisitOslo that this was a project worth their time and creativity, so we have brought them on board as well. There is a little fee to join the gathering, but I hope everyone understands that we are not involved financially at all. The fee covers things like the reception at the city hall, and VisitOslo’s assistance including the OsloPass which gives us access to all museums and public transportation for free! Plus they threw in the guided bus tour which will pick us all up right in front of the hotel.

What I am looking forward to most is to meet everyone. After writing to some of these bloggers for many years it is really exciting thinking that we will get to meet in person. It seems to be more and more common for people to meet in real life after having contact online. I have never been disappointed meeting my online friends. In fact most of the time I have been pleasantly surprised that we have even more in common than I originally thought.

This time was no different. We met up with Corinne from Northern Natterings, BB from A Canadian in Norway, TheWriter1978 from An Alien in Copenhagen, Cairo Typo from Wandering the World, and of course TorAa from TorAas Mirror was there too. With a little tapas and a little wine the enthusiasm was high from both the bloggers, and the hotel staff. Believe me, this will be an event you will remember!!! Hope many more decide to come!!! If you want to meet some new friends from around the world, then come join the party! Like reading blogs but don’t have one yourself? It’s okay for you to come too, blogging will of course be a theme but we are open to active users of other social media like Facebook and Myspace as well. Just get in touch if you are interested, okay.

For more info on Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 click here!!!

Comments on: "Oslo Blog Gathering promises lots of summer fun" (9)

  1. That certainly was a very nice evening !

  2. It’s very important to me to have you in the team dear so thanks for you’re enthusiastic support! I know I go crazy sometimes and put a lot into this so thanks for being so understanding!

  3. The planning seems to be a lot of work but I’m glad you guys are still having fun and enjoying the company of good friends!

    I know what you mean by “looking for an affordable place”. We were shocked to see accommodation’s prices in Finland. Hostels located very far from Helsinki were 30 EUR for a dorm bed, and any hotel downtown was from 150 EUR and up.

  4. Yep, no wonder you’re all looking so happy! Wonderfulmeeting ahead with other words! Oslo here we comes!

    Soon…. patience…

  5. Thank you for commenting on my blog. The meeting next August sounds like it will be a lot of fun. You can count us in. We have never visited Norway so it will be a treat, then to meet friends on top of that will make the trip even more enjoyable.

  6. Gosh Diane!!! I’m sure everyone is going to have a great time and I totally agreed that bloggers are very sociable in nature. I wish I can attend the Gathering but..but…but… ;(

    Do come to visit Singapore next time hehehehe..

  7. […] keep you warm in the bar, so you do not have to pack a parka if you will be joining us in August. DianeCA and I will most likely be making it part of our agenda at OsloBG (click to read the official […]

  8. Hi Diane! You are very generous in arranging something as beautiful as the gathering of bloggers.
    My husband says: Many women crazy asking Renny, you will make him mad. It will be very fun.
    I look forward to meeting you.
    Diane a hug


  9. Coucou Diane! I hope to come more often on blogsphere than I came all those days! I am on holiday now and my daughter +her boyfriend are here at home!!!
    I should visit the others who will come on august to the BG! It’s nice to know them before the gathering!

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