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Spring, sunshine and the sea – the perfect combination to put me into good spirits for the Easter holiday. On Saturday we took the ferry from Strömstad in Sweden to Sandefjord in Norway on our way to visit Renny’s parents for Easter. I can’t remember the weather ever being lovelier when we took this trip. Sunny and warm with a distinctive whiff of spring in the air, as well as salt water and the good smells the coastline always brinngs.

Out to Sea

Out to Sea

M/S Color Viking is the largest ferry on the Sandefjord Strömstad route, with the capacity for 1460 passengers and 340 vehicles. Practically all the public areas have been renovated/ upgraded in the past few years and the ship is equiped with lots of restaurants and shopping areas to delight their passengers. The crossing between Sandefjord and Strömstad takes 2.5 hours, plenty of time to both enjoy some lunch, hit the tax free shop and on a beautiful day like this – sun yourself up on deck.

M/S Color Viking

M/S Color Viking

Of course being a born and raised Northern girl I do love the winter and think this year with lots and lots of snow has been wonderful, but that doesn’t mean that I am not looking forward to a change. In April when the sun gets stronger and the birds start to sing we all feel a little bit reborn. In addition to that I love the sea. Actually water in general. My Dad took us boating quite often when we were small and I learned to swim so early that I don’t remember learning. We kids played in the water all the time. My Dad will tell you that we might be reffered to as a pain in the …… sometimes because we always wanted to be in the water or on the water in the summer time.

Charming little lighthouse

Charming little lighthouse

So nothing pleases me more than a chance to enjoy the freedom of the sea. The many small islands along the coastline are pretty to look at and there are lots of light houses and wild life to enjoy along the way. The sundeck is equiped with solid chair and even boasts an area for people who are traveling with their dogs, so the dogs can be outside and enjoy the weather. We had lunch onboard, shrimp salad of course, and bought some nice treats to take to my sister-in-laws home for Easter: Ferrero Rocher chocolates and Italian red wine to enjoy with the Easter dinner.

Sunny sailor

Sunny sailor

Next week there will be a short trip to Bucharest, Romania! I am looking forward to that and all the wonders it will bring. Sure hope it is good photo weather!!!


Comments on: "Love spring, Love Sunshine, Love Sailing" (9)

  1. Oh spring! My favorite time of year!!! Yesterday it was 78 degrees and so we sat outside all afternoon before eating Easter dinner. Lovely!

  2. I can taste spring in the air and your lovely sunny pictures confirmed that!
    And I am ready for it… boy… am I ready for it!
    Lovely post :o)

  3. Spring is my absolute favorite time of year. Boating is one of the reasons too. I’m so looking forward to warm weather. Sounds like you had a fabulous Easter too.

    Have a terrific day and week ahead. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

  4. This looks like a lovely journey. I enjoy spring a lot but in Georgia we often go directly from winter to summer. Today is was 84.5 degrees (29 C) and it felt strange going from my sweaters last week to my open tee-shirts today. But the sun did feel good.

  5. that smile of yours says it all! thanks for taking us along.

  6. I love taking the ferry when I was in Melbourne. I was on the deck and enjoying the breeze. There was no duty free shops on that ferry which was a short 45 mins ride.
    I love the blue ocean and sky in your photos. It was a lovely day to go on a trip.

  7. The first picture is so simple, yet so magic. I miss living by the sea and I love boats!

    The weather is much warmer here too and I don’t miss the cold morning much 🙂

  8. Oh, that look so lovely, to be out at the sea – no wonder your smile is that big! Lovely photos.

    …and a trip to Bucharest doesn’t sound wrong either! Have fun for me too 😛

  9. Thanks for sharing this lovely trip on this marvelous boat! Sounds you had great great time there! I know you swimm very well since we went swimming together in Bandol! And I remember a picture of you on a boat with your dad when you were a little girl you posted a time ago!
    I don’t know if we will have the time in august to swimm as we will have so much to do during the gathering.
    I can’t wait to discover your trip to Bucharest, so I stay tuned!!!
    Bisous Diane!

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