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Oh spring, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! I love the lengthening daylight and the possibility to both go to work and return in the sunshine! I love daylight savings time when the evening suddenly get longer. I love the colors of the crocus and the scilla and the wild flowers popping up in the most unexpected places.

Yellow Crocus back yard

Yellow Crocus back yard

Yes spring is here and we are a bit crazy. It was great to come home after our little Easter vacation to find the lawn exposed again and the flowers already blooming. Last year we planted some new spring flowers in our garden and I was really eager to see how they would turn out.

Mystery plant Magne planted last year

Mystery plant Magne planted last year

Among other things we added yellow crocus now. We have had blue and white for a long time but never yellow before now. I always admired them in others gardens.

Mixed crocus

Mixed crocus

The flowers are not the only thing returning. The birds are arriving, more each day and filling our neighborhood with song. Yesterday I went out for a walk and when I came home I told Renny the birds were singing in chor, but no that’s not quite too. It is nesting time and mating time right now, so they are more like singing over eachother.

Video of Norwegian Kjøttmeis in a birdbath

Everyone has their message – here is my nest, here is my nest. I’m building here, I’m building here. Come ladies its finished. Come ladies its finished. We’ve just laid eggs, we’ve just laid eggs.

So its time to enjoy my garden again, to dream of cookouts and long summer nights. Because that is really the best part of spring, the anticipation of a long sunny summer ahead!! When you are reading this we are on our way to Bucharest, Romania!! Adventure adventure!! I am really looking forward to it and my Nikon is charging as we speak so stay tuned!!!!

Comments on: "Spring is in the air in Norway" (10)

  1. It’s always so lovely to see a bit of colors after months of the white stuff!

  2. They are sooooooooooooo pretty Diane…I could smell spring here 😀

  3. Your flowers are lovely and fresh looking. I’ll look forward to reading your post on Romania, that will be interesting.

  4. and the sun… and light… and the colour of the sky in mountains… it’s yummy!

  5. Hi! There is a new look over on my blog! Come take a peek and let me know what you think!

  6. the contrast of the crocuses is lovely and i adore the way you described the different birdsongs. happy spring!

  7. Yes, spring is here now and mother nature is marvelous! I adore your video and the nice spring atmosphere here!
    The crocus are so delicate! they just appears after a such long winter!
    I began to work in my garden too and Pierre prepare the ground for the tomatoes!!! We would love to plant potatoes too because they are so good in salad in summer!

  8. Lovely flower photos Diane!!!! Yes, the spring flowers really are wonderful 🙂

    …and those birds taking a bath is so fun to watch. I used to have a pond in my former garden, it was so much fun watching the animals it attracted. Spiders, insects of different kinds, snails (yuk), frogs and all kind of birds. Some mornings there really was a line with birds waiting for their turn to take a bath, because it was a small pond.

  9. So many colourful and beautiful flowers which I have not seen in my part of the world. The air must smell lovely. I hope the ash cloud from Iceland is not polluting the air.

  10. […] some spring spirit from this too. To get even more of the spirit, you might like to check my wife DianeCA’s post too. It would be interesting to read if some of these spring flowers are to be found in you’re […]

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