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In memory of my loving mother who passed away suddenly in 2007. Today is her birthday and we never forget it. I bought you some flowers mom. Since you are so far away, I lay them on another nice ladies grave and I prayed for you both. I know you would approve. I love you so much and miss you all the time. You will never be forgotten!

One of the last photos of Mom and me.

One of the last photos of Mom and me.


Comments on: "Happy Birthday Mom, we miss you" (9)

  1. Blessings and hugs, Diane. Having lost my Dad a year ago, I know how you are feeling.

  2. I know it’s had for you dear, but I think what you did today was a wonderful thing and this is a great contribution.

    I miss Mom too and never forget I love you darling!

  3. OH, I so know how that is… I’ve been thinking a lot about my Mom lately too – perhaps because it was in May she passed away.


  4. It is so hard to lose a parent. But as soon as you can see them in your mind’s eye, they are there near you – it is still hard, but it is a comfort.

  5. I dread losing my Mom and parents-in-law whose conditions are deteriorating. It’s so sad to see them going weaker each day.

  6. What a nice thing to do. Big hug. 🙂

  7. What a beautiful thing to do.

    Your Mother would be very proud of you.

    Lots of hugs

    karen x

  8. Thanks to all your comforting words. My mom and I were very close so she is an irreplaceable person in my life.

  9. I regret you missed your Mum. Peace to her in heaven.
    A big hug!

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