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As many of you already know, RennyBA and I recently spent a long weekend in Bucharest and got a head start on spring weather. Bucharest is the capital and the largest city of Romania. The 500-year-old city is situated on the banks of the Dambovita River, a branch of the Danube. The city is home to around 2 million residents and attracts a constant influx of tourists as a result of its landmarks and scenic heritage.

Since we live in Norway we were glad to get an even stronger taste of spring sunlight, flowers and warmer weather to give us a little head start on the spring season. One advantage of getting lots of snow all winter is that when spring comes, you really know how to make the best of it.

Bucharests Triumph Arc

Bucharests Triumph Arc

Here you see Bucharests Triumph Arc at the end of their main Boulavard framed nicely in spring flowers.

Bucharest Cişmigiu Park

Bucharest Cişmigiu Park

Bucharest surprised me with an abundance of parks which are well loved and used by the locals. In fact on Sunday afternoon there were more people in the parks then on the streets. The locals gather in the many green parks which are a meeting place and recreational area for young and old alike. We were lucky enough to be there when the cherry and apple trees were blooming giving us nice colors to our photos.

Cherry blossoms in the park

Cherry blossoms in the park

 Still in Cismigiu park you can see the cherry blossoms and listen to the sound of the birds singing. Its like every bird in the city has gathered here. And no wonder, lots of greenery and you always see some of the older people tossing breadcrumbs or seeds to the birds to keep them happy in this lovely park.

Monument to the revolution

Monument to the revolution

Also in the revolutionary square you see the decorative flowering trees to mark the spring and highlight this lovely monument dedicated to those who fell in the Revolution of 1989.

Enchanging Bistro

Enchanging Bistro

As many of you may have noticed, I am a girl. To me no spring city trip would be complete without a relaxing lunch in an outdoor restaurant. There were not many outdoor restaurants in the district where our hotel was located as it was really in the heart of the city, however this cozy little Bistro lays not long from Aviator Square and served quite a nice little Chevre salad on warm bruchette and a double cafe latte to go along with it. I was even charmed by the local dog, who politely came and sat quietly beside my chair, likely in hopes of some scraps. But his maners were good and he just lay there companionably, and yes it did work. When I was finished he got the last bite.

Yummy Chevre salad with honey mustard vinegrette and latte

Yummy Chevre Salad with Latte

I am a bit behind Renny in my posts but I assure you there will be more from our trip posted here as well, with a diffent angle and my own flavor to it. So if you enjoy reading my posts you should also check out RennyBA’s to see his side of things, and vice versa because as we always say – together we are dynamite!

If you haven’t done so already, remember to check out the information for the Oslo Blog Gathering and join in on the fun. There is still time to reserve your place, but summer is on its way so time is running out…..

Comments on: "Bucharest, Romania in Spring" (10)

  1. What a lovely place to visit. I want that salad too. Looks yummy. I’m also glad you gave the dog a bite. He earned it.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

  2. it’s so fun to see the different perspective you bring from renny’s. it looks like spring has come in such a lovely way to bucharest. love the shot of the arch.

  3. Excellent post from a city and country I have never visited.
    That Chevre salad looks really delicious.
    Agree, it’s a great idea to meet the Spring several times, by first going south and do as the Birds: Fly North.
    We met the Spring i Düsseldorf during the Easter. And seeing Ingelin and her family was a blast.

  4. Hello Diane!
    Nice pictures, congratulations!

  5. It looks so… European! It reminds me of Paris actually.

    Lovely pictures!

    • You‘re right when you say it reminds you of Paris. Because that‘s how it was once called “Little Paris”.

  6. […] I also recommend that you read DianeCA’s post from our trip too – in quite a different but interesting prospective: Bucharest, Romania in Spring! […]

  7. Oh, such a lovely pre-taste of the spring Diane! Love the Magnolia blossoms with the Triumph Arc in the background. Simply gorgeous, but I’m an absolute fan of Magnolias….

    Bucharest is one of the cities high up on our cities to visit-list, so it’s great to see that it shall remain on our list 🙂

  8. Nice to visit now Bucharest through your eyes after Renny’s vision. The monument to the revolution taked with your camera but another angle. The park looks so nice. You tell it so well I could have the strange feeling I was there hearing the birds! We had an oriental BBQ today with my sister and Jérome in the garden! We spoke all together about the good time we had last summer!!! I am so excited, the perspective to see you all and the discovering of Oslo!!!!
    Bisous Diane!!!!

  9. Hi Diane! Beautiful photos of the beautiful Bucharest. I am always fascinated with cherry blossoms. I told myself that once I get a house with a big garden then i’ll line it with cherry blossoms.

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