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The 17th of May, Norways constitution day, is now underway. Celebrated across the land with flags, parades, bunad, childrens games, hot dogs and ice cream.

17th of May Parade

17th of May Parade

If you didn’t get to march by the castle in a school parade, or get up early enough to get a good spot on the castle grounds you can see the Royal Family sharing the nations joy right here. From left to right HRH The Crown Prince Håkon (he will be the next king), his heir the young HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra, HRH the Crown Princess Mette-Marit, HM the Queen Sonja, and of course HM the King Harald V. They will stand on the balcony and wave to the children,s parade until it is finished, which takes of course several hours. This is one of the Royal Family’s most important events of the year because it is a time when they are available and visible to everyone.

Norwegian Royal Family greeting the parade

Norwegian Royal Family greeting the parade

Then after all the activities we are hungry and its time to eat. It is very traditional to eat Norwegian Pølse, or hotdogs on the 17th of May, and as I have mentioned before the children enjoy often the first outdoor ice cream of the year, and can eat as much ice cream as they like on that day. But if you are looking for something more refined, especially for the grown ups you can make a beautiful 17th of May cream cake like this one.

17th of May cake decorated with the national colors

17th of May cake decorated with the national colors

This one of course was not baked by me. I am good but my cakes usually do not look that perfect. They taste great though. Remember to stop in and wish our friends a happy 17th of May. You may read about the 17th of May celebration from different perspectives at RennyBA’s Terella, Irish Nomad Corinne and Charels Ravendal

Comments on: "Hurrah hurrah for the 17th of May!" (15)

  1. Happy 17th of May!!!!
    (A little note: The older Royals need to learn to smile!)

  2. Happy 17th of May to you and yours.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

  3. Happy 17 th of May!!!
    The cakes looks so good!!! I would want to be there to live the right Norvegian atmosphere with you all!!!

    • We may be able to find some dancers in Bunad at the Norwegian folk museum…and just think you will have a head start because you will know about these costumes before hand.

  4. The flag picture (and the cake!) are pretty impressive!

    It’s funny that the national holiday is so early. I noticed that for most “Northern countries” (i.e. not in the Southern hemisphere) it tends to be in the summer.

  5. happy constitution day!
    i love holidays you can celebrate with ice cream.

  6. Happy belated 17th May – I hope and think you had a great time.

  7. Happy belated 17th of May, it looks like a wonderful celebration!!

  8. Happy National Day, altough I’m late!
    I wonder if you feel already like a real norwegian…

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