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Every year tulips, daffodils and narcissi welcome spring in Norway with an expolsion of color. After a long white winter we are ready for warm weather lots of natural color. My eyes are hungry for reds, orange, yellow, green and blue and the opportunity to relax outside and enjoy the sun on my face.

Hot Reds, Oranges and Yellow tulips

Hot Reds, Oranges and Yellow tulips

Thankfully the Oslo area has an abundance of attractive plantings in the spring to welcome us into the new season. Each section of the city has a large open park for the people to enjoy outdoor activities all year round. Twice this week I had the opportunity for a picnic or bbq in the open parks of our city and I brought along my camera to capture the colorful awakening of spring.

Masses of white daffodils

Masses of white daffodils

Nothing lifts my mood like lying in the green grass enjoying lovely surroundings with the smell of good earth and flowers around me, and bird song from the trees above. Thursday evening RennyBA and I were out until after 10 pm enjoying some long awaited spring weather and quality time together.

Pinks and reds frame the fountain at Spiker Suppe

Pinks and reds frame the fountain at Spiker Suppe

The plantings in the center of town are also a visual treat for tourists and residents alike. I have been eagerly watching the flowers bloom on my daily commute to my office, and longing for free time to get out with my Nikon camera. So you know RennyBA and I just had to get out and go for a photo hunt, this is way better then picking flowers because now we can enjoy their beauty year after year!

Pansies in fanciful decoration in beside National Theater

Pansies in fanciful decoration in beside National Theater

The gardens are spectacular all summer long, you know. So if you join us at the Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 we will be happy to take you there. I am planning on taking the tour of the Botanical Gardens myself and will be happy to show you around! Enjoy tulips and tulips festivals, check out Zhu’s post here!

Comments on: "Welcoming Spring with a color explosion" (9)

  1. Lucky us, aren’t we! “Suffering” all winter and then waking up to a symphony of colors… I love it.

    Thanks for the link!

  2. The link is well deserved, you write a lovely post!
    I don’t think I would appreciate the colors as well if I didn’t live in total white out for several months. Absence makes the heart grow fonder….

  3. Wonderful photos Diane. This really is a fabulous time of year in Oslo, and I love how Spring literally explodes into colour here.

  4. Oh, yes, those flowers are simply gorgeous… There is nothing like flowers in the spring! Very uplifting indeed!

  5. Hi Diane.. those are really lovely colors! I wish I could join you guys during OsloBG.. would be real fun I know but I cannot.. glad we connected, finally 🙂

  6. there is nothing like flowers to brighten a day. springtime in oslo looks amazing. i’d love to take that walk with you through the botanical gardens, but for now i’ll enjoy your beautiful photographs instead. maybe one day…

  7. The sudden arrival of all the colourful flowers in Oslo, is the best medication we can have after a dark and grey/white winter. All the colours makes us happy and the life seems suddenly very bright.
    Excellent photos dee-dee.

    I hope we can show many bloggers from around the World Norways beautiful and historic Capital during OsloBG.

  8. Gosh…..I bet it brings out the best in everybody when everyone is surrounded by all the beautiful flowers 😀

    Thank you for sharing they are lovely 😀

  9. I like the combination of pale rose flowers with the dark tulips, it is very effective. Then again I like the circle of blue pansies. Unfortunately we have too many tall trees in our yard and hard clay on the ground. We only grow petunias and impatiens in planters, but we love to visit gardens. Tomorrow we’ll drive about 2 hours south to visit a garden we just heard about, and I’ll take pictures. I’ll also take many blank memory cards with me to Norway as there will be so much to photograph.

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