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On Sunday the Norwegian Folk Museum held a rural folk dance this weekend so of course we had to be there. It is a lot of fun to watch Norwegian folk dance, and the traditional costumes called Bunad are very special indeed. Sewn after exact and traditional patterns they are quite expensive and valued for their tradition and connection to the owner’s local roots.

Bunad clad girls at the Folk Museum

Bunad clad girls at the Folk Museum

The Norwegian Folk Museum is a living museum with a collection of 150 buildings representing the different regions of Norway. The buildings are original carefully relocated to this one collection site. My entire family loves this museum. I remember so well how my children loved to join the Sunday activities, pet the horses, eat traditional lefse and most of all to explore the buildings which were open.

Regional costumes in traditional setting

Regional costumes in traditional setting

There were dancers on the main stage, and smaller groups scattered around the areas which represented their home communities. To see a video of the dancing and get a closer look visit RennyBA’s blog and check out his take on the day.

Telemark dance in full swing

Telemark dance in full swing

The children also loved the occasion, and it is good to see the tradition is carried down the line.

Children showing their skills

Children showing their skills

In addition to the dancing there was of course food. Many brought food to grill as all the local dance clubs were invited and admitted free. Some also had samples of local foods for us to try different tastes from different regions of the country.

Trying traditional delicacies

Trying traditional delicacies

If you would like to wander back into time with us, remember you are welcome to join us at the Oslo Blog gathering. The more the merrier, and if there isn’t dance at the Folk Museum when we are there we will happily dance with joy because you were able to join us!

Comments on: "Folk Dance and living history at Norwegian Folk Museum" (8)

  1. […] Folk Dance and living history at Norwegian Folk Museum « DianeCA’s Metamorphoses Says: June 9th, 2010 at 12:37 am […]

  2. Looks like you two had a great time. I would have loved to have attended.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

  3. The clothes look really pretty, and quite practical too compared to some other traditional dresses.

  4. Another example of how great it is to share tradition adventure in Norway with you 😉

  5. That’s just awesome Diane! I wished I was there! Lovely photos btw!

  6. I feel right at home at once! Reminds me of Swedens folk costumes and Skansen, our outdoor folk museum. Norway has very beautiful bunads.

  7. oh i would *love* to go there! just exploring the buildings would be interesting, but i think meeting the people and eating the different foods would be the most fun of all. (but i’ll have to learn the norwegian word for vegetarian first-
    jeg er vegetarianer!)

    • You will manage just fine with vegetarian in english. Its close enough they will understand vegitarianer – vegitarian ….no problem. We promise not to feed you whale or moose!

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