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Summer Rock festivals are popular phenomena in Scandinavia. Noway, Sweden and Denmark are known throughout Europe and the rest of the world for summer festivals with something for every taste. I must admit that I am not much of a festival goer these days. My sons are more the right age, and my oldest just came home from several days at Sweden Rock Festival.

Sweden Rock, when not raining!

Sweden Rock, when not raining!

Sweden Rock Festival is a heavy metal and hard rock-the festival in Sölvesborg in Sweden. Each year both well known and up and coming bands perform for a festival which lasts 4 days in the beginning of June. There are about 30,000 visitors each year. This years concert offered bands like Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, and Slayer. The boys said some of the local bands were also very good. They didn’t make it until the end of the festival though, because as is also typical for festivals – they got lots of rain. You’re really lucky if you make it through a festival completely dry hehehe. So after 3 days of sleeping on the lumpy ground in a tent they decided to “throw in the towel” so to speak.

Norwegian Wood 2009 Nick Cave

Norwegian Wood 2009 Nick Cave

This weekend one of the largest festivals in Oslo is also going on; Norwegian Wood. Located at the edge of Vigeland park in Frogner swimming area. This concert is not as much Heavy Metal and more of a variety of rock. Something for everyone in a way. They also reserve room for promising Norwegian bands in a section they call “untouched”. These are groups that are unspoiled by popularity and publication so far. Saturday the main acts will be Van Morrison, Amy MacDonald, and Jackson Brown.

Norwegian Wood Poster 2010

Norwegian Wood Poster 2010

I think I would have liked Norwegian Wood better, partly because it is more grown up music, and partly because I could sneak home after the concert, take a shower and sleep in a good bed…no tent required since I am local hahaha!! Okay, and if you are not the festival type then you can visit RennyBA to learn more relaxing ways to spend the summer days like in the Botanical Garden!

Comments on: "Norwegian Wood Festival and Sweden Rock, let the festival season begin" (5)

  1. i love your term “unspoiled by popularity.” i hadn’t thought of music in that way before.
    but i know what you mean, because when i look on itunes for the most popular songs, almost always i am disappointed.
    then i realize, i like lady gaga when somebody else sings her songs. somebody “unspoiled by popularity.”

    • Yes the music industry has their ideas about what sells and it changes the artist to fit what they believe the majority will buy. Thus killing originality and ART in the process. I like young (meaning new not the age of) groups because they are still expressing themselves when they play!

  2. I know so well the joy our “descendance” has for the rocks festivals!!!
    I have a finnish metal guy at home those days and luckely he didn’t bring his elektric guitar with him!!! Hi, hi!!!

    • Hehe! Yes you can count your blessings. At least you can send them OUT on the town for their musical activities. Hope that little town survives… 😉

  3. Aerosmith, Guns N Roses? I would have loved to come!

    Rock festivals in the summer are popular throughout Europe and I’ve heard a few of the big ones are in Norway and Sweden.

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