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Ah summer has come to Norway, a busy season for us here. We have to get in all the activities and parties we can while the nice warm weather lasts. Okay some might discuss how warm it actually is, everything is relative you know!

A crown of flowers for the child statue

A crown of flowers for the child statue

My calendar is getting full of summer parties and activities before more than half the nation disappears on vacation – off to their summer cottages, or maybe a little trip outside the country. Lets see, on Friday I am going to Tusenfryd with some kids from the center. In the evening our work is having its Summer Party at the home of one of my coworkers.

The Loop at Tusenfryd

The Loop at Tusenfryd

On Saturday <a href="“>RennyBA and I are invited to a BBQ mixer at long time blog friend A….since it is a bit outside of the city we will be staying the night and drive home again the next day.

Fresh Shrimp Sandwich

Fresh Shrimp Sandwich

Then on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week we will be taking women and children up to a cottage in the mountains.

Outdoor fun

Outdoor fun

Summer vacation is coming full steam into our lives at this time of the year. My oldest son finished his 2nd year of University last week, and my youngest son has just a few days left of his Junior year in High School. They are of course deliriously happy (well when they aren’t sleeping…which is a lot with teenage boys).

Good and Green

Good and Green

Our summer vacation will be starting late this year at least by Norwegian standards. We have lots of interesting things planned this summer. My Dad and step mom are coming to visit the last week in July and staying a couple weeks, the week after he goes home we have a wedding in the family to attend to, and the yes yes you know what I am going to say, it’s the week of OSLO BLOG GATHERING 2010!! So just you stick around I am sure I will have plenty to post about this summer.

Comments on: "Summer parties and trips galore" (5)

  1. I can so relate. Summer is in full swing here and the weather is finally warm. The high today is 85 degrees and to me that’s just perfect. Have fun will all your summer activities.

    Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

  2. I plan to keep my summer quiet. I will be busy, of course with my new job, and I HOPE puppies!

  3. outsideoslo said:

    Summer in Norway can be beautiful. I’m thankful to have been there a couple of years ago during a particularly warm time. It must have been in the 90s in Bergen, and I could tell that all the people were soaking up every bit of sun and warmth they could get, knowing such days are few and far between.

    Happy summer!

  4. Yeah, summer fun!

    Norway looks beautiful in the summer. It’s too bad I can’t join you there.

  5. I live the flower crown on the statue. And you can’t go wrong with fresh shrimp anything.

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