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Yesterday I came home from a wonderful little trip to Gol in the Western part of Norway. Located half way between Oslo and Bergen Gol is a popular location for skiing and winter sports. Of course it is great in the summer time too! The center where I work organized a trip for underprivileged women and children to get a little vacation this summer up in the fresh air and mountains of Norway. We were lucky enough to be able to borrow a large cottage with room for 22 guests, as well as a van which could transport 8 people plus our baggage. In the end there were only 15 of us, but that was plenty. It was a good group and we had a great time.

Field of mountain flowers

Field of mountain flowers

The cottage was very nice with a fully equipped kitchen, large living room, 3 bathrooms and a large terrace with a view. Of course the best activities were the outdoor kind, and we had a lot to choose from. Some took a run in the morning, and everyone went on some hiking trips to check out the view from above. We also had outdoor games like badminton, as well as a lot of card games in the evenings. UNO was especially popular with the children who learned to play very quickly and wanted to play all the time.

Sunset in the summer

Sunset in the summer

The accommodations were as good as the view!

Fantastic cottage for over 20 people

Fantastic cottage for over 20 people

As a special treat to the children after our long walk to the top of Storefjell we took a walk to a nearby High Mountain Hotel, which is popular for skiers in the winter time. Right now it was off season so we got a good price on a day pass for the kids in the pool area, and we even had a little luxury in the Jacuzzi.

A little luxury

A little luxury

Everyone had a fabulous time and really hope we will be invited again next year. It meant a lot to many of the families we work with who might not have a summer vacation otherwise. They have free from school of course, but don’t have enough money to travel like their classmates. We try to help give them some summer memories that they can share with their friends in the fall.


Comments on: "Outdoor fun and fabulous view at Gol in Norway" (5)

  1. What a lovely place indeed and the view is breathtakingly beautiful. I especially love the wild flowers. They are always the very prettiest of all the flowers.

    I hope you enjoy a great nights sleep in your own bed too.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Renny. 🙂

  2. What a nice cottage and for these people certainly a paradise !

  3. sounds like it was really a lovely opportunity for the folks you work with. so glad everyone could have a little escape.

  4. Wow! The view from your hytte is indeed spectacular. So glad you and your clients enjoyed yourselves during your trip to the mountains. What a lovely thing to do with them!

  5. That sounded like heaven for sure! Wonderful view for sure.

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