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Midsummer is a great celebration in Sweden, where one celebrates the light of this year’s longest day and the flowering vegetation. In Norway we celebrate St. Hans which is basically the same but set on a regular date of June 24. Midsummer festival in Sweden is always on the weekend closest to the 24 June – with a midsummer evening on Friday and midsummer day on Saturday.

Perfect Midsummer Weather

Perfect Midsummer Weather

We were of course in Norway for St. Hans and this was the last day of my trip to the mountains which you can read about in my last post. We have in recent years traveled to our summer home in Sweden for midsummer celebration because we think it is such a lovely time. We rolled into Sweden yesterday afternoon in time to celebrate midsummer eve with good company and a bit of cold beer and wine as is the custom hehehe at least for us.

Today was midsummer day and I have never experienced a more beautiful one. The weather was absolutely perfect. We started the day with coffee on the balcony where I soaked in the sun and tried to get a bit more color.

Guest Harbor in Mariestad

Guest Harbor in Mariestad

A short time later we took a trip into the town. Most shops and businesses are closed but thankfully the ice cream kiosk was open so we took an ice cream on the docks and watched the pretty boats sailing in and out of the guest harbor. Mariestad is a bit of a touristy town in the summer and there are always many nice pleasure boats visiting the harbor.

A trip to the beach is popular

A trip to the beach is popular

The weather was so fine that a trip to the beach was in order. I was obviously not the only one who had that idea because the beach was full of happy families who also felt this was a good way to celebrate the day. This is a great beach because the water warms up fairly quickly. I would guess the water temp was around 20 degrees Celsius – 70 Fahrenheit.

Gilled Salmon with Hollandaise

Gilled Salmon with Hollandaise

To finish off a perfect midsummer day we need to have an appropriate dinner. Fish is of course summer food, especially when it is grilled and eaten on the balcony of our summer home. What a lovely way to spend the day. If you want to experience summer in Scandinavia, remember it’s not too late to join Oslo Blog Gathering 2010!

Comments on: "Shining start to Midsummer in Sweden" (8)

  1. I love that there is a regular metal slide out in the water like that! And mmmm, salmon.

  2. Hello Dianne!
    Happy Summertime!
    Me and Luis, we are in the countdown to the Oslo Blog Gathering!

  3. migrationdiary said:

    That looks great Diane. I’m embarrassed to say that I forgot all about midsummer night. There was just so much else going on. But next year I’ll be dancing around the fire…..

  4. I’m with Secret Agent Woman in appreciating that slide off the beach—that looks like fun! Your photos are lovely, and your description of Mariested makes me want to see it! I was invited out to watch the boat parade in Sandefjord on Sankthansaften but I chose to stay in…to watch football, of course!! 🙂

  5. I read all you last posts and think that it will be difficult to decide what to do during the Oslo gathering as there is so much to see in Oslo. The Botanical Garden looks so pretty and the Norwegian Folk Museum too. I wonder how warm it will be in Oslo and up north where we’ll get the ship? Here in Georgia this week it has been in the mid-90s (33-35 C.)

  6. Gorgeous weather!

    French celebrate the longest day with the Fête de la Musique where everybody is invited to play something in the street. Noisy but fun!

  7. My first time to see a slide placed on that kind of location. Oooh grilled salmon! tasty!

  8. Looks simply divine! All of it!

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