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Hello friends! Hope you are all having a great 4th of July weekend. Living outside of the country and immersed in Norwegian Traditions I feel like it is extra important to keep my own traditions from home alive, so yes we do celebrate the fourth of July every year. I try to make it as traditional as possible, and mostly do the same things we did when we were living in New York. BBQ Ribs are a must, along with homemade potato salad (none of that store bought sh..) and of course corn on the cob. It’s a bit early for corn on the cob in Norway, we are too far north but we can usually get some imported from Southern Europe.

We did our celebration today though because we are at our summer house. Our vacation starts late this year because we are having lots of guests in the late summer so we are only here for the weekend. That means we will use the afternoon of the 4th to drive home. But no worries! We had a good celebration today, and I’ll make sure we get some burgers tomorrow so we don’t feel too left out!

Classic Car Show in Mariestad

Classic Car Show in Mariestad

Today we went to a classic car show which they hold the first weekend in July every year in Mariestad. The weather was hot and sunny, and there was a very good turnout. RennyBA will be posting more on this event so I won’t give you full coverage right now.


Sunny beach day in Mariestad

After standing in the hot sun at the Classic car show we needed to cool off a bit. So we did as many others in the local area and headed to the local beach for a dip in the Great Lake Vänern. The water was just right for a swim, warm enough that you don”t go into shock when you get in, but cold enough to cool you down on a hot and humid day. It is really 4th of July weather here this year. Hazy hot and humid as we used to say back home.

One thing which is very different here is that you can’t send up fireworks in the summer time. Well of course you can but you won’t see them very good because the sky doesn’t get dark. So if you are missing fireworks, click here and make your own online, its fun!!

And don”t forget! Happy Independence Day!


Comments on: "Happy Independence Day America!" (8)

  1. Happy Independence Day my dear! It is always a pleasure to share your traditions as well, especially when they come with Ribs!!!

  2. Happy Independance Day, Diane! it ‘s a nice think to keep your own traditions and I see Renny appreciates this specially! Those ribs must be something! Sounds you have a fabulous weather in Mariestad! Here, it’s already very hot! Luckely, I am on holiday now and can choose to go early at beach and stay home when the sun arrives at the zenith!!!

  3. the classic cars look awesome. i am glad that you are keeping your traditions, even though you are many miles form home. have a wonderful independence day.

  4. Happy 4th of July to you ! We celebrate on July 21st with big parade and Royal family and firework of course ! For the moment we suffer in a heat wave 36°C and more which had never happened again since 1945 ! The red cross and other organizations are driving through the streets to supply water to the homeless and also to old people stuck in their flats.
    I suppose you have some holidays now too, in your hard job it’s very important to get a break !

  5. Happy 4th of July Diane 😀

  6. Oh, I love that red Amazon! That was proper cars! My brother had a beige one… *giggles*

  7. You know, I never thought about how the skies not getting dark would effect fireworks. I didn’t get out to see them this year. Happy 4th to you, a day late.

  8. It’s nice that you keep your 4th July tradition alive from another country. I try to keep my 14th July French tradition alive but ii is not that easy because when I was in France the 14th July was not so much a tradition of food but mostly a parade, fireworks and dancing in the streets. If I danced in the street here I’d get run over! But I do watch the Tour de France and as I told RennyBa’s today the 3rd stage was won by the God of Thunder, Norwegian Thor Hushovd – he is good.

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