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Summer is in full swing

Yes folks summertime has come to Scandinavia and we are currently relocated to our summer home in Sweden. RennyBA’s vacation has started and he is celebrating with an Extreme Blog Makeover courtesy of our good buddy Charles Ravndal who is RennyBA’s blog designer. So you have to drop by and give these guys some praise, they are doing a great job!!

I have less vacation time then Renny so my vacation isn’t starting for another 10 days. I will take Swebuss Express home to Oslo tomorrow and work another week, and then return to spend the weekend with Renny here in our Swedish Paradise. Thankfully the weather has been beautiful and I have been going out and enjoying the summer even though my vacation has not yet started. Earlier this week we took some of the girls out to a local lake for grilling and the kids went swimming, and I have been testing the water every chance I get. I love to swim and love the beach so anytime the temperature is above 70 degrees I’m game.


Sunny summer days

My dad is also coming to visit in just a little over a week as well. It will be their second trip to Norway, and the first time they have been here in the summer. The last time they came in the winter and got to experience the mountains and the snow. This year they are looking forward to enjoying the long summer days. We will be visiting all the tourist stops in Oslo, and taking the guided bus tour as well as getting a bit outside the city to see some of the Norwegian country side. We even have a couple of boat trips on the agenda, so it should be a really good time.

And of course we are looking forward to the Oslo Blog Gathering and are busy making last minute arrangments for that so that all our guests will have the best experience possible. Hope you are enjoying the lovely summer weather as well!! Drop me a comment so I know you’re out there!!


Comments on: "Summer is in full swing" (18)

  1. Hello Diane! Yeah summer is definitely in full swing and I’ve been hiking a lot lately especially now that we live next to Fløien.

    Btw, thanks for the lovely mention and I am happy that you also like the new look plus the logo!

  2. Letizia Marziali said:

    Dear Diane, thank you for sharing with us your summer experience…I’ve been in Sweden a few weeks ago and I enjoyed it so much, it must be a nice place for a summer vacation, but Norway is a great place the same, which I visited last year^_^I’m so sorry I won’t be able to come for the Blog Gathering in August cos I’ll be working at school at the end of August, unfortunately. I wish I could come ove and meet you all in Oslo :((( Have a great Sunday with Renny^_^
    Letizia (Italy)^_^

    • Sorry you can’t come this time, but if you do get to Norway remember to look us up. We would love to meet you. And if we get to your part of Italy we will do the same!

  3. Nice to learn you enjoy as much as possible at beach and swim! Your new theme is very fresh and exprime so well the green nature I see on your picture! I am so excited now with the OBG date !

    • I am really looking forward to getting together again. I don’t know how much swimming you will do here, the water is a bit colder then your used to 😉

  4. Yes, summer is in full swing here too. Sorry I haven’t been by as much. Since starting work, I have had less computer time.
    I love your new design. So pretty! Have a great day!

  5. In Belgium it is unusually hot. Since more then a week we have over 30 °C and yesterday it even went up to 36°C of course we are not used to such a heatwave. The red cross and other organizations supply the homeless and old alone living people with water. I am sitting on the terrace with a fan on !
    And it won’t cool down for the next days although we had a nice thunderstorm interrupting our barbecue !

    • Yes I heard you are having a real scorcher of a summer. Hope it has cooled down now. I am a little afraid we will use of all the nice weather hehehe

  6. It is gonna be great for your visitors to see the country during the summer! I can imagine how different it is 😉

  7. So is the summer place cooler or warmer?

    • The summer place is a bit warmer, and on the edge of Vänern Mariestad seems to miss a lot of stormy weather and has more sunny days in the summer than the area around it.

  8. i like the new look of your blog too 🙂 sounds like you and renny are enjoying summer with great enthusiasm. no doubt your dad will have a great visit. so wish i could have joined the blog gathering but economics just don’t permit me at this time.

  9. Long days of summer are nice – and yours are longer. Last year we went to Alaska and it was strange to still see light at midnight. I went to see RennyBA’s blog and it is quite modern looking. Enjoy your summer.

  10. Hey nice summer blog suit you got on here 😉 ….and lovely summer photo and thoughts. I hope you’ll get a smashing time with your Dad!

    Hugs from the summer paradise island

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