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With only two days left until I start my vacation you know things are busy around here. My Dad and his wife Teri are coming to visit us for two weeks on Thursday and everything has to be ready for guests and all the crazy events this summer. As a last little gift to myself for all my hard work I bought myself a sexy little toy! A nice new NokiaX6!!

Nokia X6

Nokia X6

NokiaX6 is a smart phone, fully touch operated, and produced by Nokia which is a company I feel we can trust. I have been long envying friends and colleages who one after another have gone over to the luxury and functionality of a “smart phone” which is a phone with many more advanced options then a traditional mobile, music, radio, good camera quality, GPS, high speed connection and most important Wi Fi capability so one can use apps on the net through a local wireless connection instead of paying high fees for net access on the phone service.

The last staw was really when it was time for my son to renew his phone service and he had the opportunity to get a HTC Tatoo smart phone. This also seems to be quite a good phone and I could have done the same but I have a preference for Nokia, and am familiar with the menu options and rely on the quality of the product. So in the end I made the jump to light speed and ordered my phone.

So what do I like best? Well it looks fabulous of course. Important, very important. Works well as a telephone (hehehe) almost beside the point. It has a good contact list with history of the contact you have had with each person and plenty of room for personal details. The calander – planner function is also important to me. But what really seperated this from the phone I had is the fast internet connection, availability of apps like facebook, skype and twitter, and the ability to hook up to a local wireless net so I can actually use these features without spending a fortune. After a few days of use I have learned the menu and shortcuts pretty well, and found that I like the music features more and more. The sound quality is quite good and there is plenty of room to load up all my favorite music. While running errands around the city today I also enjoyed the radio function as I relaxed on the cable car listening to the afternoon news sending – in fact the only news sending I heard today. Being so busy getting ready for guests I haven’t had the tv on at all in two days, so the chance to listen to the news on my headset while on the go is really a nice feature.

RennyBA's seal of approval (notice the OsloBG t-shirt everybody)

RennyBA's seal of approval (notice the OsloBG t-shirt everybody)

RennyBA was really cute this weekend as he couldn’t get enough of playing with my phone. I have to admit I actually felt bad taking it back to Oslo with me, but then I don’t think it will be long before he has his own. His patience are growing short now I think hehehe!! Stop in and see his article – referring to us as digital beauties!!


Comments on: "NokiaX6 is a pure pleasure to use!" (9)

  1. […] had a Nokia N82 for a while and am looking for the next step: a Smartphone. This time my wife DianeCA was one step ahead of me and we had a real great weekend when she got her new Nokia X6: Playing […]

  2. I just read Renny’s post about your new phone. Enjoy every minute.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you both. 🙂

  3. And he’s right: you both are really digital beauties!

  4. I need to get a new phone myself. Not sure that Nokia is compatible with my carrier. We shall see. But I have to do something because my old phone has such poor quality as far as reception goes!

  5. amazing how many functions they can cram into such a little thing. such a cute picture of renny too!

  6. Love your new phone and perfect new companion for summer… oh and the Blog Gathering! Cheese everyone!!! :o)

  7. I just went on Renny’s blog and read about your wonder toy. I confessed to him that I am not a techy at all.
    Your little phone does sound nice.

  8. Cool!

    I’m really bad with cellphones, I can never really figure how to use them, plus plans are crazy expensive in Canada. Nokia does have a great reputation in France though. I use to have one of their early models.

  9. Looks and sounds awesome! Me like new toys… he he…. I’ve only seen HTC Desire. I have no idea which one will be my next phone. I’ve sold my LC Renoir with touch screen earlier. Keeping a low phone profile for a while b4 knowing how our economy is going. ;-(

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