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Yes folks we have been waiting at least a half year for this day to come. My Dad and his wife Teri finally arrived one day late via SAS airlines. We have been looking forward to their visit and were very happy they arrived today after one day delay because of electrical storms on the east coast of USA.

They arrived pretty tired and travel weary but glad to see us. We took them on a short trip to Vigeland sculpture park in Oslo, and then home for a little BBQ with their rapidly growing grandsons.

SAS brings our family together

SAS brings our family together

We had us a little grill party with sausages, hamburgers, “flintsteak” and veggie burgers for my oldest son, and then a visit from Renny’s neice and her boyfriend. It was really a good start to the week, and tomorrow we have a boat trip to look forward to, so I hope we have good weather for that!


Comments on: "My Dad and Teri have finally arrived" (5)

  1. Diane,
    we are really happy your dad and his wife arrived safely.
    And that there was no rain this Friday. Hope the same for the boattrip tomorrow.
    We who have had the pleasure to enjoy the inner Oslo-fiord by boat know how beautiful the nature is here and how close it is from the urban downtown to the green and blue Oslo sky-line.

    Hope the very best for your dads and his wife’s stay and journey around southern Norway.

    T and A

  2. Oh, I really hope that you have a great time and weather – NOT the weather we have right now: rainy and windy as hell!!!1 *giggles*

    Have fun!

  3. have a wonderful time!

  4. It’s always nice to have family visiting and I’m sure you are both great hosts 😉

  5. Return to Norway said:

    Enjoy! I was just thinking of dragging the family along for a cruise with ‘Rigmor’ but it might take some more planning with 3 kids and my injured husband (he sprained his ankle today).

    Have to make sure he can walk again before the Oslo Blog festival 🙂

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