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On Saturday we had a fantastic summer experience with my Dad and Teri. We were invited to our neighbors cottate on the Oslofjord and had a great day on the water. We cruised the Oslofjord and saw all the great sites from the water. The Opera House, the summer houses, the islands, the Museums, and even the passing boat traffic.

Dad visits the Opera House by boat

Dad visits the Opera House by boat

The whole idea was Kyle’s. He is best friends with the neighbor’s son and the boys are out in the boat and use the cottage all the time. It was his idea to share what he likes to do with his grandpa…and luckily with some help from our friends we got to tag along.

We were also invited for a lovely dinner grilled out in the back garden. Thanks to such good friends who shared their summer home and boat with us, it was a dream of a trip – and the first time I have been on a boat trip with my Dad since I was 16!

Next on the agenda, a trip to Sweden. We will enjoy showing him around our summer place too!


Comments on: "Boating in beautiful Oslofjord" (9)

  1. Wow! Sounds like a great time. I’m jealous.

  2. Have nice time whit your familie Diane !

    Hugs from Ibiza


  3. Fantastic! really fantastic! Must have been something to boat and visiting all the great places I know trough your blog and this of Renny!!!
    Your dad fly back home with marvelous pictures in mind!

  4. fun way to take a tour. kyle had a great idea 🙂

  5. That sounds like a wonderful tour!

  6. Nice! Glad to hear you are having a good visit.

  7. Well, obviously, you ARE great hosts! You seem to have the weather on your side as well. Enjoy!

  8. Wonderful boating! I’m envious, I love to be out on the sea!

  9. What a splendid idea
    on a great summer day in Oslo.

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