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Today is the last day of our official summer vacation in Mariestad. It is always a bit of a sad day when we pack up and go back to Oslo. Not that we don’t enjoy Oslo of course but this place is our holiday place, where the days are free and we relax in what we think of as our summer paradise. Although the locals may protest that the past couple weeks have been neither summer nor paradise (lets just say the flowers aren’t going to dry up while we are gone) we have made the best of it and have been out and about in the city and on the beach every day and all in all had a very lovely summer.


Beautiful Harbour Sunset taken with Nokia X6

We were lucky to have relatively good weather when Dad and Teri were here, and enjoyed a boat trip on Lake Vänern. That day was unbelievably gorgeous, a perfect day to fill up Dad’s photo album. (We helped him a bit too!) Here you can see Mariestad approached from the water. RennyBA is blogging about this boat trip as we speak – or rather write – so you can get all the details over at his place!


Approaching Mariestad from the Lake

In fact we visited the lake as much as possible. This is our peaceful place, our photo place and our romantic place. The beautiful nature is part of what makes Mariestad called Vänern’s Pearl, and a part of the reason our summer home is located here too.


A windy wonderful day

And regardless of the weather we enjoyed good food, here I have a larger kitchen and more time then I do at home so we are always cooking up something good in the kitchen. In short this summer we ate.


Steak with onions, grilled veggies, and fries

And ate.


Grilled Shrimp with Artichoke, and grilled veggies

And ate.


Homemade Pizza is best!

But not it is time to pack up our summer things and return to Oslo.


RennyBA and his new little Fabia

We have to be home on Thursday to meet some other blog friends who could not join us for OsloBG but were in the area now instead, and then we have some last minute planning and arrangements to make, plus a personal engagement on Saturday. The clock is ticking now my friends. In just over a week the grand event begins! Stay tuned……


Comments on: "The end of our Summer in Mariestad" (6)

  1. Summer is over? Wow, that didn’t take long. We have good weather through the end of October and sometimes longer than that.

    I’m glad your dad had such a great time. That’s what it’s all about.

    All the food looks wonderful as it always does.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you both. 🙂

  2. Thanks dear, for all these magic moment together, for all the lovely food and time we spent at our favourite spots! There will be a next summer – I’m sure 🙂

  3. It’s always a bit sad to leave the holiday home, especially given that the area looks gorgeous! The sunset picture is… wow!

    But more adventures await you I’m sure 😉

  4. Gorgeous selection of photos! I can’t decide which one I like best – the sunset, the sea or the food ones? The sunset is stunning but that homemade pizza looks utterly delish!!

    Cars I’m not terribly interested in 😉

  5. All that food looks so yummy!!! You make me hungry, Diane! I can’t wait now to taste the norvegian food! Mélissa will be in London when we will be in Oslo! We will have so many different adventures to tell and pictures to show when we will be back home!

  6. That sunset is lovely. There are so many beautiful places in Norway – I wish I was back already.

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