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Well we are now back in Oslo. We have a lot of plans the next few days, not the least of which is getting ready for OsloBG! I am getting really nervous now!! In one week we will be welcoming lots of visitors to our home town of Oslo. All of which we know from our contact online, but few of which we have actually met in person. So we are in a great deal of suspence thinking about how all of this will go. We have the details well planned out now, but there is always a little touch of nervousness before one has guests, and when you have invited guests from all over the world to a four day long get together, well those butterflies are clearly extra large this time. Then again we have had an exciting summer so far with lots of visitors and arrangements and it has all gone well so far, so I just have to have faith!!

Video of Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo

We had another chance to practice a bit which went wonderfully. We went to Vigeland Sculpture Park in the heart of Oslo to meet a family from the UK who we have met through Facebook. Another great example of how social media is bringing people closer together. Anne-Marie started reading our blogs because they were interested in Norway. They have been here many times and were planning a trip this summer as well. After being in touch with us online they took a chance and asked if we could meet up while they were in the area. We were glad to have the opportunity to get to know new people and show them around our home.

I tossed some sandwiches and drinks in my bag and off we went to meet these nice strangers! And nice they were. A talkative group who were touring with three of their four children (their fourth was at home caring for the familes animals). We wandered around admiring the statues, the park, talking about Norway, Oslo, vacation and everything else under the sun. They had really great kids too, intellegent and easy to talk to. Within a short time we were all like all friends and the day just flew.

In fact time flew so quickly that I didn’t even take out my phone or camera to take any photos. I mean imagine that – me not taking any photos. Well I was busy talking all the time, guess that’s my excuse. So when I wanted to write about this post and share my day with you all I went on the net and found quite a good video on YouTube. It gives a really nice impression of Vigeland Park, which all our guest will be enjoying next week! Take a peek!

Comments on: "Meeting friends in Vigeland Park in Oslo" (8)

  1. The video is very nice and a + with the music! No doubt Vigeland park is a place I want to visit!!! I red about it in 2006 when I discovered RennyBA blog. The perception of the body isn’t the same North and South Europa. Could we have a Vigeland park in France? It would be nice to help us to be less pudic.

  2. You didn’t take any pictures? You’re a blogger and no pictures. Bwahahahaha. We’ve all done this at one time or another.

    Loved the video. Looks like a very interesting place to visit.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you both. 🙂

  3. Nice impressions from the sculpture park, Diane and a nice arrangement in the video-slide-show. I enjoyed it very much. Oslo is a very vivid and interesting city! Looking forward to see and read the reports about the upcoming meeting of bloggers!!

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog today!

  4. Thanks for being so supportive with all my crazy activities and whimsy ideas! It was really great to meet up with this family though and you’re lunch was smashing good 🙂

  5. I believe you that your are nervous with the blogger meeting. I am actually in England and enjoy the sea. The weather could be a little better. I hope for you that everything goes smooth !

  6. Diane, I very well understand “time flew so quickly that I didn’t even take out my phone or camera to take any photos.”.
    I pretty well how that is…
    Besides what you here have written, it’s an important familiar event Saturday (tomorrow) as well.
    So, I now your folks are very busy right now.

    Big hugs
    T and A

    Z U soon

  7. Our eyes are on you! I wish I could have come to Oslo and meet you but I was glad to spend time with my family in France this year. That said, I’ll be checking what you are doing with your group!

  8. I loved the Vigeland Park. It is certainly something to visit, one of the best park in Oslo. It must also be pretty in winter under snow.

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