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This weekend has been quite a hectic one. You see a family member got married yesterday. Out of respect for the couple’s wishes to keep thier private lives private I will not be posting any photos from the wedding. That must be for the happy couple to decide who they will share those with. I have however taken some nice photos of the fjord which I would like to share 🙂


Sailboat in the Sunset taken with Nokia X6

If you haven’t noticed me around so much this weekend its because we have been quite busy with this event. Renny’s family doesn’t live in the Oslo area so we opened our home for them to stay with us from Friday to Sunday so they could go to the wedding on Saturday, stay out as late as they wanted and go home Sunday afternoon. We have had a really lovely time with my in-laws here. They are really very nice people, helpful and friendly and we have all been very talkative. The house feels strangely empty now that our guests have gone.


Sunset over Oslo fjord

Thankfully the weather was lovely, we have all been crossing our fingers all week, and the reception was held at a very nice location, Dronningen (which means the Queen) on the Oslo fjord. When we took a break during the dinner we could not help but admire the view! And having my Nokia X6 with me, even in my finest cocktail dress, I was able to capture the moment.


Fireworks over Oslo fjord taken with Nokia X6

Later in the evening when the dinner was finished and the dancing had started the atmosphere was even more romantic with fireworks over the city of Oslo. Yes we did joke a lot that they arranged fireworks for the party, but the truth is that there was a rock festival this week in Oslo, Øya festival, wish ended Saturday night with a grand fireworkds display! You have to admit they were lovely from across the fjord too!

Now we are counting down to OsloBG!! Only three days left before the fun begins, and we are busy making the last minute arrangements, and making offerings to the weather Gods 😆 to make sure the weather is favorable when we want to take everyone around our lovely city! Everyone out there in Blog land keep your fingers crossed for us, okay???


Comments on: "Sunset view from Dronningen on the Oslo Fjord in August" (3)

  1. That is so beautiful and peaceful.

  2. I can never get sick of these sunset pictures, and it’s a perfect setting by the water!

  3. Lovely pictures Diane. The Saturday before we left we also “heard” fireworks from the hotel as we could not see them. I wished I had planned one more day in Oslo as it looked like Sunday was sunny and there was so much more to see.

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