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We are really excited / nervous now!! People will start arriving tomorrow and we will be moving to our hotel too. This evening we were at The First Hotel Millennium to prepare some surprises for our guests and make sure everything was in order. We met up with some of our trusty helpers to plan the last minute details, so now we are as ready as we will ever be to receive our honoured guests. Stop in to RennyBA’s Terella and see how he has been preparing!

Before taking off and giving all my energy to OsloBG I had to take care of a bit of personal business as well. My oldest son just turned 22 and having moved to a new student apartment Renny and I promised him a much needed new bed for his birthday gift. So Justin and I took off for Ikea yesterday morning and ordered a new ‘little’ double bed for his room. He chose a simple but nice eik frame and good matresses which were delivered this afternoon, and three happy boys have sat on the floor assembling it all evening 🙂


Vega vegetarian restaurant taken with Nokia X6

As thanks for his birthday gift my son took me out to his favorite Vegetarian restaurant, Vega in Oslo. For 100 norwegian krone, about 12.5 Euro you can get an all you can eat buffet of very good vegetarian and vegan food. The atmosphere is also quite charming. It is located in an old bathing house and retains a lot of its earlier charm. We were seated out in the back courtyard in an enchanting green environment.

Today was spent on my other son, Kyle. He starts school tomorrow and was sorely in need of a haircut. Something which has been neglected in all the business of the past few weeks. So I had no choice but to ring every salon I knew of to try and find an available stylist for him, and Eureaka I finally found one at my favorite salon in Oslo, Frisør M. He wasn’t entirely thrilled with me when I took this picture but then again its a parents job to embarass their children, builds character don’t you think!! And besides folks doesn’t he look cute!


Kyle gets a new 'do'

His lunch choice was much more simple then his brothers was yesterday. A simple guy with regular guy tastes his choice, Subway! Although Subway is an American restaurant we do have a few of them in Oslo and thier popularity seems to be growing. After the little reminder of what good subs they make, I can really understand why!


Yummy Subway Club Sub

Well folks this is my last post before meeting the first of our guests tomorrow evening. Cross your fingers for us and follow along on both our blogs and on Facebook and Twitter as well!!


Comments on: "Taking care of business before Oslo Blog Gathering" (2)

  1. Kyle’s hair looks great. I would have chosen the Subway too. I eat meat and lots of it.

    You’ll do fine with your gathering. Relax.

    Have a terrific week ahead. Big hug to you both. 🙂

  2. That picture of your son is priceless. His expression is that of a young man who knows his mother is going to take a picture, no matter what, so he may as well get it over with. Good boy!

    I am so impressed by your energy and organization, Diane. I could never have accomplished what you and Renny have to put on Oslo Blog Fest 2010. You two are amazing! I’m so looking forward to meeting you. Have fun!!

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