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OsloBG preparty party!!

Yes friends the day has finally arrived, it is after midnight so now it is the 19th of August and the Oslo Blog Gathering 2010 is underway. This evening we were at TorAa’s home where Claudie and her husband Pierre, plus Mrs. and Mr. Lifecruiser are staying for the OsloBG. Since Claudie was nice enough to open her home in the south of France to us last year Tor is returning the favor and inviting the people from her gathering to his home this year for OsloBG. We had a reuinion with our old friends this evening and it was a lovely time.


TorAa, Lifecruiser and us were all eager to give our French friends a taste of Scandinavia, and thus we have all made some food and had a tremendously large 5 course (at least) dinner!! I think next time we are eager to introduce our food maybe we shouldn’t try to do it all in one day hahaha but it was lovely, and delicious and fun. But honestly I couldn’t eat even one crumb more!!


Mr. Lifecruiser is excellent on the keyboards, so there was music and food, dance and of course Tor was ready with champagne for the guests. It is rumored that Claudie drinks nothing but champagne you know…and I am not telling if that rumor is true or not. You will have to find out for yourself.


So we are off to a roaring good start to the OsloBG and upon our late arrival to First Millenium Hotel we heard the good news that all our guests who are staying at the hotel have checked in. So tomorrow we are off for our first site seeing and will likely greet the rest of our guests at the morning buffet! Better get some sleep then!! Good night!

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  1. Have a wonderful time. I expected to have my puppies to keep me busy just now and alas, my arms are empty. But enjoy and say hello to all my dear blog friends!

    • Hi! We are so sorry that you could not come, and even sorrier that things didn’t go well for your puppy!! We miss you, Maribeth but remember you can take a rain check ok? You are welcome anytime!

  2. Have a terrific time. The food looks great as always and I too only drink Champagne. How wonderful. Big hug to you both. 🙂

    • We went a little over the top on the food hehehe!! I didn’t sleep so well last night, too much eating. We will raise a glass of champagne to you later on!!

  3. That sounds like so much fun!

  4. Letizia Marziali said:

    We’re waiting to see some pictures of the sightseeing tour and of the reception at the Mayor’s!!!!!!!!!!!Hope you’re having a wonderful time all together!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lots of warm hugs to you, Renny and the blogger friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^ Please, tell Renny to upload a short video about your meetings with the guests!!!!!!!!!^_^Lots of hugs from Letizia^_^

  5. That’s really awesome. Now I wished that we’re there and hopefully we can make it next time!

  6. You guys all look like a lovely bunch!

  7. It was a great reunion
    – and I agree, we brought food for a company, even Champagne;)

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