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We couldn’t invite our friends to Norway without showing them the new pearl of the city shoreline. The Oslo Opera House opened in 2008 designed by the award winning architect firm, Snøhetta. The Opera House is best seen from the water as you see in the photo below. I admit this photo was taken in July when my father was visiting, as we had better weather and a boat ride! As you can see it resembles a Glacier flowing out into the ocean. The surface reflects the natural elements of snow and ice and has a cold feel to it. Covered in pure white Italian marble it sparkles on the landscape.


Oslo Opera House

The concept of the Opera House was that they wished it to be available to the Norwegian people in other ways. Therefor it is the only Opera House in the world where the roof is intended for use of everyone. It gives a wonderful view of both the city and the fjord and is a popular place for Norwegians and tourists alike. In the summer time free concerts are held on the roof for all to enjoy.


Guests walking on the roof

Looking through the window increases the feel of ice, and yet you can see the warm “wave wall” which adds the element of Norwegian Oak Wood. The wave wall which contains the main scene and several others appears to rise like a great old oak tree right in the center of the opera house, and the large glass windows allow you to see inside, allow light to enter from outside, and even allows you to see the fjord right through the buildings.


Lookinglass Opera

On the main floor there is also a restaurant -cafe serving fine dining both indoors in the main hall and outdoors in good weather on the Opera roof itself.


Opera Cafe

RennyBA and Lawrence were kind enough to arrange a guided tour for us with a most excellent guide, in english of course. She brought us through the galleries elegently designed in fine Nowegian Oak, and into the main scene, which of course we were not allowed to photograph as they were setting the scene for Figaros Wedding.



We had a peek at the ballet as well! The Opera House is also the home of the Norwegian Ballet, and has rehersal rooms in the same high quality as the ballet floor itself (which is lowered from the roof onto the scene of the main floor to insure optimal quality for the dancers).


Ballet Dance Floor

My favorite part of the tour, I have to admit to dreams of being a dancer or an actress when I was around the age of 5, was our tour through the costume rooms. We were allowed into some of the costume storage and had a peek at the beautiful creations being made. Here are some colorful tutus for this years presentation of the Nutcracker. Yes, already in August they are busy making the costumes for Christmas’ high point.



The guide, also a visial artist, showed us the elaborate details of the work.


Nutcracker ballet skirt

And we also had a breif glimpse of the wonderful costumes to Figaro’s Wedding.


Figaro's Wedding

Some of the best experiences from Oslo Blog Gathering was experiencing new things together with interesting and curious friends from around the world. It was also fun taking photos together and seeing how some of the others captured the details around them. All in all every day was an experience of a lifetime.

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Comments on: "Oslo Opera House tour at OsloBG" (24)

  1. Excellent post from the Oslo Opera and Ballet, both in words and photos.
    It’s really something unique

  2. PS. I did have problems connecting to your blog for hours this evening

  3. Uau! Excelent post about one of my favorite points in Oslo nowadays.
    By the way, who are those two curious guys looking trough the glass windows ???????

  4. Letizia Marziali said:

    When I came Oslo last summer I hadn’t the chance to visit the beautiful Opera House cos I just had little time but I went past it by bus on my way to the airport… Next time, if I’ll have the opportunity to come to Oslo again, I’ll have to visit it, your pictures and excellent account have convinced me that I just can’t miss this unique place!!!Thank you Diane, lots of hugs!!!^_^

  5. I just went through your posts about the Blogger meeting and read that you showed a lot of very interesting things. Apparently the weather wasn’t so bad either, because I see some blue sky.
    I can believe that you were very tired, probably all the stress from the preparations and then the event itself knocked you out ! Now you should go on holidays, lol !
    I had a great time in England, as usual, lol !

    • I know you look forward to meeting your good friend in Englad and I am happy you had a good time too! Although we missed you 😉 Another time, we will take a rain check.

  6. I finally get a chance to read your posts on the Oslo Blog Gathering. The guests truly enjoyed themselves with Renny and you as their wonderful hosts.

    I hope to come to Oslo one day and enjoy your hospitality. 🙂

  7. Yes, that really is a building to be proud of! Excellent architecture and also so functional. I want Stockholm to build something like that too – but not a pure copy of course 🙂

  8. The only famous opera house I visited was the one in Sydney, Australia, and I must say Oslo’s opera house look pretty cool too.

  9. I have just added your blog to my Google Reader, Diane (what took me so long?!). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading what everyone is saying about OsloBG. What an experience for you all. I love that it turned out so well.

    Your Opera House is second only to Sydney’s, of course, and is catching up very quickly. How delightfully conceived. I like that kind of creativity.

  10. Diane! Thanks for your visit in my blog!!! Do you write in portuguese?? Very nice!!! And I love your photos about Opera House. I’ve never seen a concert hall inside … and the clothes of the presentations are beautiful too! When you come to Rio de Janeiro( Brazil), I hope to meet you or when I will come to Norway, ok?

    • Sorry I only translated my comment into Portuguese with Google. I do so hope to come to Rio one day and when I do I will let you know 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Beautiful photos Diane! I’ve been there before with Odd while Renny showed us around the Opera and told us about it’s history and such.

  12. My husband and I loved the Opera house. It was one of the high point of our visit in Oslo – so much to look at, understand and photograph, inside and out.

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